Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Halle Berry - Closer review

Closer by Halle Berry has to be one of the most interesting scents I've tried in ages and it's safe to say, I'm in The Love with it.  It was love at first whiff and I've been making my way through the bottle at great speed.  As I've said lots of times here on the blog, I'm not a perfume snob by any means.  My thing is, if I like it, I'll buy it, 'sleb fragrance or not.

One of the world's top perfumers, Jacques Cavallier helped formulate this scent and he has created fragrances including Jean Paul Gaultier, Bvlgari Pour Homme and Issey Miyake's L'eau D'issey (which is actually 20 years old!  How old does that make you feel?!)

Halle says "I wanted to create a unique fragrance for women that would also appeal to men.  Scent is very closely linked with desire and attraction and I love the idea that a fragrance can bring a man and a woman together.  Closer creates a new level of intimacy through the power of scent".  The bottle has an intricate lined design that mimics the contours of the body, both male and female.

So the scent itself.  Combining both masculine (fougere) and feminine (voilet flowers and mimosa) accords, this woody scent is like nothing else I have in my collection.  When I spray it, I don't get much of the top notes, waterlily and ozonic accord.  It's the heart that I get and that's the fougere accord, violet flowers and mimosa.  It's masculine, sexy and musky but the violet holds it back from turning into a boy's smell.  The dry down features vanilla bean and cashmere musk and it's interesting reading that because until writing this review, I wouldn't let myself look at the ingredients.  What I was going to tell you was that wearing this perfume makes me feel like I'm wrapped up warm in a cream cashmere jumper with a cozy scarf on me and I've had a shower so I feel lovely and clean.  I know, I paint quite the picture!  As the scent lingers, I feel like I should be in an old man pub with lots of dark wood and embroidered seats but it's still sunny out so the place is full of light.

You can buy this on counters now for €24.95/30ml and I urge you to go check it out.  It's something so different and interesting and definitely worth investigating!


  1. I absolutely love it, love the 'manliness' of the scent - very sexy altogether.

    It's actually the first perfume I've worn that the youngest has asked several times what it is and if I'll pick up a bottle for his girlfriend... on second thoughts, that may be a little worrying... *chortle*

  2. Oh wow, sounds bloody wanton! Will have to try this.

  3. At first, you will not be attracted with the bottle itself. It looks dull and boring. What caught my attention is the scent of it. I want to try out free samples of it.

  4. My Husband bought this for me for Mothers Day and after smelling it I got a little annoyed with him for buying me a man's Cologne. I thought this was for men not women. It does smell good, but in a manly way.


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