Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Lauren Goodger brings Lauren's Way to Debenhams Ireland! Lovely Girlie Bits interviews!

On Saturday, Lauren Goodger, star of our guilty pleasure, The Only Way is Essex, was in Ireland to launch her Lauren's Way range of Glam tan and Christmas gift sets in Debenhams.  I got to pretend I was a paparazzi and went along to the photo call so all of these photos are mine!  Bit scarlet for me and my weeny camera compared to all the paps with their gimungous cameras but I'm delighted with my shots and I can knock being a pap off my To Do List!

We got to ask Lauren a few questions too when she was here on her whirlwind trip, so let's get to it!

Hi Lauren!  Welcome to Ireland.  The land of no sun yet every second girl is golden brown and looks like she's just come back from Marbs.  We live in a country where trying to find The Perfect Fake Tan is undertaken like it's our second job, so please tell us you're going to make it easy with Lauren's Way!

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, we're a bit scared of fake tan.  What tips can you offer us to help us look like a bronzed goddess instead of a pasty blue skinned Bridie?

Exfoliate and moisturising are so important and need to be done regularly.  Make sure to use a colour to suit your skin tone.  My Lauren's Way spray tan comes in three different strengths so you can choose a shade that you need based on your colouring.  Or you can use my gradual tan product and build up the colour at first as to what you want it to be, but remember, keep it natural girls!

What makes your tan different to the others out there on the market today?

My tans are created to suit all skin tones and we have everything from spray tans, gradual, wash off, glam tan, mousse and lotions all in the one range... The great thing about my range is it doesn't smell so it's boy friendly.  It's instant and easy application so you can put it on before you go out and don't have to worry.

Apart from tanning, what's your top beauty tip?

My top tips would be to moisturise, exfoliate and drink lots and lots of water.

It's great to see you making a name for yourself in the beauty industry.  If you weren't doing this, what would you be doing?

I would like to be a make up artist.  Literally everything beauty, fashion and make up I love!

We miss you on TOWIE, will you be back?

No, I won't be back.  I am very grateful for where it has got me today but this is going to give me time to concentrate on me and what I want to do.

What's next for you?  Are you going to take over the beauty world?!

I have some exciting projects in the pipeline for 2013 with my Lauren's Way range.  I'm going to take it store by store for now and hopefully launch the range internationally in the future.  So watch this space because the only way is Lauren's Way!

Ok, it's time for the quickfire round, would you rather style!

Would you rather:
1. Have no eyelashes or no eyebrows?  No eyelashes
2. Have messy hair and nice make up or nice hair and messy make up?  Nice hair messy make up.
3. Wear the brown lipliner/pale lip combo or sport a perm?  Pale lips.
4.  Have a bad hair cut or bad colour?  Bad colour.
5. Shave your head or not cut your hair for five years?  Not cut my hair.
6. Lose your suitcase full of clothes on a trip or your toiletries bag?  Toiletries bag!
7. Give up your mobile phone or make up for a year?  I couldn't do either, I'm addicted to both!
8. Walk around all day with your skirt tucked into your knickers or have lipstick on your teeth?  I had lipstick on my teeth recently.  I've never had my skirt tucked into my knickers that I know of!

Thanks so much Lauren and all the best for the future.  We hope that Lauren's Way is a huge success for you here in Ireland!  The "Must Have Mini Gift Set" retails at €13 and the Christmas "Get The Essex set" retails at €26.

You can find Lauren's Way in Debenhams Henry Street and on www.debenhams.ie


  1. she looks much less orange in those photos. Wonder if the tan is any good?

  2. I must give it a go for the craic. She didn't look orange at all!

  3. The best thing that I liked about your tan product is that it suits all the skin tones and it doesn't smell. Last time when I used a tan product, its smell was unbearable due to which I faced embarrassment at many places....


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