Thursday, October 4, 2012

Lush Christmas 2012 - a little overview

Yesterday I popped along to Lush on Grafton Street to see what they having coming up for this Christmas season!  I know, look, all bets are off, it's October so I'm totally going to talk about Christmas, so get ready because I've been to a few seasonal events recently!

This Saturday sees the launch of Lush's Christmas range and this year, the emphasis is on FUN!  But to be honest, last year I had a huge amount of fun buying and trying different products from the range and this year will be no different.  Some of the classics are back and there are some new additions to the family.  As always, there are gifts for every price range, from stocking fillers to huge gift boxes and I plan on trying lots of the products out.  I got some to play with to start me off so I'll give you a little overview and review everything in more detail over the coming weeks.  When it comes to the gift boxes in particular, it's always nice to see what's in them isn't it?

Ok, so stocking fillers and bath products first.  Winter means chapped lips and the Popcorn Lip Scrub will help slough off the dead skin using the castor sugar and organic jojoba oil will soothe any redness or soreness.  The Crackersnap Bath Ballistic sadly cracked right before I took this photo.  Knocking it off a marble fireplace wasn't the best idea!  But get this, the Crackersnap is shaped like a cracker and has a party hat, a joke and a little present inside!  You get three baths out of this and I can't wait to try it out!  The pink and blue Party Popper shoots around the bathtub and has popping candy inside it.  As it melts in the water, soap paper made of soap flakes and fresh honeydew melon appear so you can also give yourself a bit of a wash.  No excuses!  Last in my photo collage is the Captain Bubblebeard bubble bar wand.  Shaped like Santa's moustache, as you whirl it around your bath, you'll make lots of bubbles to make yourself a bubble beard to go with the 'tache.  So cute!
Popcorn Lip Scrub €6.75
Crackersnap Bath Ballistic €8.95
Party Popper €3.85
Captain Bubblebeard €6.50

That wiggley clock below is the Midnight Massage bar and it smells gorgeous, just like the Godiva solid shampoo bar.  Coated in glitter and smelling like jasmine, who wants to go to midnight mass when they can have a midnight massage!  One of the new bath ballistics is Father Christmas.  Plop his head into your bath and the water changes from red to green.  I can't wait to try this one out and I might do an aul video for the craic!  Also new is Santa's Sack, a cute bubble bar sack filled with two presents so you get three baths out of this one.  Finally, there are two new shower gels, Ponche and Twilight along with the classic Snow Fairy.  Ponche is Spanish for punch and is a warm and spicy scent and there's a dash of tequila in it too!  Twilight is a gorgeous lavender scented gel that will be perfect for an evening shower.  And we all know Snow Fairy, it's a classic!

Midnight Massage €8.50
Father Christmas €4.25
Santa's Sack €5.50
Ponche, Twilight €5.50/100g,  Snow Fairy €4.50/100g

As I said, this is just a selection of the stocking fillers and I'll be picking up more when they're in the shops so I can show you, so stay tuned.  I was so happy to see the return of the Golden Wonder bath ballistic and the Magic Wand, along with Christmas Eve bubble bar.  I bought so many of those last year and I can see myself doing the same this year!

Now, on to the gift sets.  The fact that they're already wrapped makes me happy.  I hate wrapping presents with a passion after being made to wrap everything for the extended family over the years.  One year I managed to leave all the prices on everything and was murdered by my mam.  Thankfully Lush know me and have it all sorted.  Ranging from €8.95 to €129.95, there's a gift box for everyone, even boys. I bought Joanne's boyfriend a boy box last year and he loved it!  I've a few of the gift sets to show you, so read on.

Christmas Party (€10.95) is perfect for your Secret Santa at work or if you're looking for a little stocking filler.  It comes with the Party Popper bath ballistic and chunk of the brightly coloured Northern Lights soap.

Merry and Bright (€27.50) has the fruity Mr. Punch soap (which totally has a dash of gin in it, ooh err!), Northern Lights soap, Ponche shower gel, Rub Rub Rub shower scrub and Whoosh Shower Jelly.  All bright and punchy scents, tying in nicely with the bright packaging.

Merry Christmas (€31.95) is a sparkly gold box filled with sparkly gold goodies and these will make you and everything around you sparkly and gold as my couch can attest to after taking these photos!  Totally worth it especially when you see that it contains It's Raining Men shower gel, a Golden Wonder bath ballistic, Snowcake soap star, Sunnyside bubble bar and Creme Anglaise body lotion.  Love it.

Jolly Hollydays (€32.95) with it's green, white and red packaging is Christmas all over!  It even has a little bell on the bow, too cute.  This has the Ponche shower gel, Karma soap, Mr Punch soap, Sandy Santa sugar scrub and Each Peach massage bar.  I love exfoliating and can't wait to see what Sandy Santa has to offer moi.

Stardust (€34.95) is the girlie box here and is full of sweet pink products like Candy Mountain Bubble Bar, Snow Globe Soap, Magic Wand bubble bar, Snow Fairy shower gel, Party Popper bath ballistic and Shimmy Shimmy massage bar that I managed to crop out of this photo.  I'm in the love with the box and am already thinking about what to store in it after I use everything up!

As I said, this is only a selection of the huge range that will be in Lush shops from Saturday.  I'll do a full run down of everything soon.

Did you see anything that tickled your fancy here today?


  1. Wowsers, this is a post and a half Karen, great job!! Lots of loveliness headed our way xo

  2. The gift sets are packaged up so lovely! Must pop in for a look at the weekend :)

  3. Oh I love those gift sets. I've been known to buy them for other people for christmas only to end up opening them myself! Gorgeous :)

  4. I need Captain Bubblebeard... yes, I am still a kid at heart!

  5. Need to stock up some Snow Fairy asap! Love it :) the Captain Bubblebeard is so cute :)

    Emily x

  6. im dribbling a little, i need them ALL in my life!!! :)

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  8. The only season thing I have is a small sample of the ponche shower gel. Which I am seriously in love with. I can't wait to go back and buy a full size!


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