Thursday, October 11, 2012

Pixy Rose Cleansing Mud

As you know, I'm a huge fan of Irish brand Pixy and when at the Professional Beauty Trade Show recently, I was delighted to see a stand there, ready for moi to smell all the products and say to CherrySue "Ooh smell this, ooh isn't this nice"?  We both bought some new products to try out and I snapped up the Rose Cleansing Mud after wanting to try it for ages.

Promising to gently cleanse and revitalise the skin with red clay mud, rhassoul clay, buttermilk and vanilla powders, eliminate toxins with kelp powder, tone the skin with rose water and nourish the skin thanks to cocoa powder, I got stuck into my tin.

Coming in a nifty little metal tin, this cleanser is unlike anything I've ever tried on my visage and I was intrigued.  I can't get any scent of rose in it but I do love the chocolate brownie scent that it has.  And texture wise, it has the consistency of a dry brownie batter or a cheesecake base.  A lot of food here, I know.  I'm starving now.

The first time I tried it, I followed the instructions and applied a small bit to the damp skin on my face.  I found hard to spread the cleanser over my skin as it was dry and so was my face and the product ended up rolling off my face.  I will have to tell you that it looked a bit unpleasant, rubbing dry brown stuff on my face, but it smelled gorgeous.

Since then, I've gotten the method sorted and I wet my face, scoop some of the cleanser into the palm of my hand, add a bit of warm water to it and mush it around until I make a wet paste.  Then it goes on my face properly.  I've taken to working all of my cleansers into my skin properly, giving myself a mini facial massage as I go.  A quick rinse and voila, I've clean, radiant skin.  As I go about my other daily tasks, I don't find it dries out my skin at all.  Aimed at oily skin, I've found that my T-zone stays matte for longer which is always a good thing for a shiny schnozzed lady like myself.  I love my little tin of chocolate brownie mix!

The Rose Cleansing Mud will set you back €9.50 and you can buy it online here or in one of the pharmacies that stocks Pixy.


  1. very honest review, at least you gave it a second chance

  2. And now... I starving...

    Sounds good, I've found that the messier these natural cleansers are the better - Ă“gra is similar for looking 'ascustin but doing a wonderful job.

    Great review yo.

  3. Wow, I've never seen anything like this before! I was at the Professional Beauty show too but must have missed these guys. Looks really interesting - when I'm finished up with my current cleanser I'll def give this a think!
    Sara @ BelfastBeautyLove xx


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