Thursday, November 29, 2012

Avene is here to help your skin this winter!

The winter.  It's a bit of a pain in the face isn't it?  Literally!  Red noses are cute on kids but not on us.  We've enough to be worrying about with dry lips, cakey skin, not to mention ruddy faces after trying not to die on the ice on the way home from work.

Avene has some products on hand to take one less thing off our plate during the winter months.  And am I right in saying that I read we're going to have two months of insanely low temperatures this winter?!  Ah here, what are we waiting for, let's start preparing our visages now!

First up is the Antirougeurs Calm Redness Relief Soothing Repair Mask.  This mask helps reduce the appearance of redness on your little face, helps ease discomfort and can be used after laser treatment.  I shall be using this when it gets a bit colder to see if it helps calm things down.  For those with rosacea, this will help cool and calm your face.

The Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream sounded scary at first but after trying it, I realised it wasn't a thick greasy cream.  Instead it's a rich cream that absorbs easily into the skin and I've been using this in the morning as soon as I get up.  By the time I'm ready to apply the war paint, it has sunk in and I'm ready to pack on the make up.  Up until a couple of years ago, I was afraid to use anything too hydrating on my skin as I'm an oily lady, so assumed I had to shy away from anything too thick.  And I wondered why my skin would get dry and flaky during the winter months!  Everyone should add something richer and more hydrating to their skin care routine as the days get colder.

Ah, the Cold Cream Lip Cream (€10.50) how I love you.  I bought this earlier in the year and still turn to it in times of need.  I leave mine in the car, forgetting that it's colder now and the cream solidifies which means I have to basically sit on it to warm it up, but it's totally worth it.  It's super moisturising and you can read my full review here

Finally the Rich Skin Recovery Cream.  Aimed for those who have sensitive and sensitised skin, this helps calm any irritation and rebuilds the hydrolipidic film on your skin.  This has a really thick consistency so I like to rub it between my fingers on both hands and then pat it into the skin.  I find trying to rub it in is a bit harder so patting works best for me.  It takes a few minutes to sink into the skin and then you're good to go with you make up.  

What are your winter staples ladies?  What Avene products do I need to try next?


  1. I'd recommend the Soothing Hydrating Serum and the Soothing Moisture mask, both are fabulous.
    I also like the Abtirougeurs day creams (exist in Rich and Light), they are lovely.

  2. I have the Soothing Repair mask and it's great!

  3. I've heard from a few people that the Avene brand is awesome for winter. I've been looking for a really good day cream because my skin is drying out like crazy right now. My only go-to winter product is Burts Bees lip balm. They've recently come out with this naturally tinted colour range which I am obsessed with!

  4. I adore Avene, their stuff is so soothing and natural.

  5. Really need to go back and get some more Avene stuff, I used to use them but got distracted by (many) other products!

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