Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving guest post from Actionmags!

Today's guest posts is by none other than the hi-larious Mags from Emerald Eyeliner.  Or Actionmags.  Or Magaluf as I like to call her.  Every one of her posts makes me laugh out loud and she's as funny in person as she is in The Real Life.  She is the queen of all things Stila and can wear bright lippie like nobody else!  What's Mags thankful for this year?  Well git on down and read it!
Hi My name is Mags - (otherwise know as Actionmags)  I write a beauty blog called Emerald eyeliner with one and a half other beauty fans - although it has to be said I am probably the biggest beauty junkie out of the three of us.  I love trying new beauty products and the blog gives me a great excuse to try new things.  
My little guest post for my pal Karen who is lucky enough to be heading to New York - my favourite place on the planet, and probably my favourite place to buy beauty products (there is practically a Sephora on every corner).  I am going to chat about the five beauty things related things that I am most thankful for (it being Thanksgiving and all)  five things that I want to thank the Beauty Gods for. 
1. Stila - of course it has to be Stila.  I am so happy with the triumphant return of Stila to our fair Emerald Isle.  Stila is by far my favourite makeup brand and that is quite a challenge in itself after all I am a lover of all things makeup.  Stila bring us the most amazingly innovative products, in the most flattering colours, in the prettiest packaging - how can you not love it.  We are so lucky now that Stila has expanded and as well as being available in Boots Liffey Valley (if this list was longer Boots Liffey Valley would deffo be something I thank the beauty gods for- for me its one of the happiest places on earth), ASOS, and now there fab new counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin.   Me being Stila OCD I have purchased from them all.  Stila have great things to look out for in 2013 including a skincare line. 

2. YSL Shocking Mascara.  Oh eyelashes why do you do these things to me?  I have the most ridiculously short and stubby lashes and there are about 4 of them.  4 sad and lonely lashes.  I mean come on a girl needs some lashes - its how we tell the girl cows from the boy cows in cartoons and here is me with stubby boy cow lashes (just to mock my own lashes himself has beautiful full and long lashes).  Lashes open your eyes make you look younger and your eyes bigger, my little eyes need all the help they can get.  When my blogging partner in crime was going through the Duty Free (ahh Duty Free again this would also be on my never ending thank the Beauty Gods List) I asked her to pick me up YSL Shocking Mascara - as my lashes are very disappointing boy cow lashes I never really spend any money on them - enter YSL Shocking Mascara.  Well stick a hat on me and call me Daisy.  This is a thick and very black mascara that creates volume and thickens your lashes as well as lengthening them.  It makes me feel like I have eye lashes which is a beauty miracle and as an added bonus it doesn't make your lashes crispy.  

3. Bright pink lipstick - I don't need a specific brand (although my current favourites are Stila's Foire and Bare Minerals Ambition).  As mentioned above I have little little eyes (ikle ikle) so I love to wear a vibrant lip its my way of saying - "Don't look up there - nothing to see there, look down here".   These shade brighten up and give a bit of vitality to my face.  Towards Christmas I will move on to reds but most of the year hot pink lippies are my BFF.

4. Boots Card, Arnotts Card, Brown Thomas Card, Debenhams Card - you get the idea.  I am not talking about credit cards I am talking about reward cards.  I love drooling over luxury brands but as we all are trying to be sensible this weather (doesn't it suck) I don't treat myself as often as I used to.  What can make a girl happier that deciding to buy a spendy product and BAM there is five euro on your card.  I am currently "saving up" my Boots points for a YSL lipstain - come on we have to thank the Beauty Gods for free makeup. 
5. Perspective - no perspective is not a hip new brand that all the "Cool Kids" are using.  When I was a teenager I used to obsess over my big nose (big nose and small eye - I sound adorable). I used to think I needed a nose job and generally obsess about the ugliness of my nose.  Luckily enough as I got older I filled out (I got fat) and stopped thinking about my nose and started to worry about my weight.  The reality of situation is none of us are perfect and our big nose, small eyes, wobbly belly aren't really noticed as much by others cause they are far too busy worrying about their own imperfections.  Lets face it, these imperfections are what makes us interesting and not boring clones.  If I get a bit hippy about the whole thing, it really is whats inside that can make people attractive (except Victoria Secret Models - they are in fact Beauty Gods visiting earth).  If a person has a ugly soul, no matter how pretty they are the ugly soul will shine out.  Another thing perspective has though me is that my whole family has "interesting" noses - my family history is literally written on my face and I don't want to change that (although less sinus infections would be great).
I could of course go on (an on) but I have to go an reapply my hot pink lippy..


  1. Love all the pink lippy shots - I'm a fellow fan x

  2. Love this Mags! S'all about perspective (and hot pink lippie)

    Great post!

  3. Wow, that's pretty shocking indeed! Not necessarily in a bad way, but for me personally it's a bit too much :-)

  4. I want to buy that stila lip product right now!!


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