Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving guest post from Dolly Rouge!

This Thanksgiving post is courtesy of the two gorgeous ladies from Dollyrouge!  I've met them both separately lots and it was only recently that I met them together!  This is huge lads because not only do they blog together, but they work together and can never get the same time off, so until the next new moon when they're both off work, I'm delighted to have them together on the blog at the same time!  Thanks so much ladies for the guest post and be sure to check out their blogaroonie here at Dollyrouge.ie.

Rachelle says...

When Karen asked myself and Kat what we were thankful for in terms of beauty products one thing sprung to my mind immediately; The Babyliss Big Hair. 
The Big Hair yolkie-ma-bob (to give it its full title) completely transformed the way I style my hair at home.. 
Life pre-Big Hair was an endless round of buying and trying various different lotions, potions and tools, most of which left me with sad, lank tresses. Ghd's and me never did become firm friends and curling tongs and I have had a few run ins over the years, including most recently where I managed to melt the lid of the kitchen bin and proceed to curl the melted plastic into my hair; it ended in tears nonetheless with hair having to be cut and curling abandoned. (If you are wondering how this happened it basically involved me resting the hot tongs on the bin, then picking them straight back up without minding to continue curling). Not my finest moment I will admit.

Before purchasing the Big Hair I deliberated for months on end, read review after review, and watched YouTube video after YouTube Video. I finally gave in when Littlewoods sent me a 20% off voucher ;) 
I panicked when I first de-boxed the Big Hair; its rotating barrel looked a lot scarier in real life when compared with the online tutorials I had been watching. Thankfully it turned out not to be as scary as it looked and really quite simple to use. Not only can it transform the most awful bad hair days but its perfect for lazy ladies like myself. You literally just move the tool up and down your hair as if you were brushing it. The rotating brush just does its magic and hand on heart I haven't yet become entangled in it! Entanglement was my number one fear before I bought the BigHair but i needn't have worried. I have actually, honestly, 100% found the next best invention since sliced bread. Life without the BigHair ladies, is really just unthinkable!

Kat says...

I thought long and hard about the question Karen posed. To be honest there's a lot of beauty bits I'm extremely thankful for. As I sit here typing this, I just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror - no makeup, bleary eyed and dark circles from a sinus cold, corpse lips and non-existent lashes. The fact that I can lash on a bit of concealer, lippie and mascara to totally transform my face (and mood) is very comforting altogether!

Though if there was really, truly only one product I could use for the rest of my life, I think it would have to be retinol. I've written at length about the wonders of this vitamin A derivative before so I won't reinvent the wheel. Suffice to say, retinol is the only over the counter cosmetic ingredient which is scientifically proven time and time again to promote collagen production, reduce hyper pigmentation, clear pores and prevent acne. Short of having a dermatologist in your pocket, this is the most effective anti-acne and anti-ageing ingredient out there. And since I suffer from both woes is it any wonder I love it? [Still spotty AND starting to get wrinkles, oh the humanity! First world problems eh?!] 

I've been using vitamin-A derivative products since my early 20s to fight acne, and its had the fortunate side effect of holding my fine lines in stasis for the past years. The only part of my face which is noticeably ageing is my under eye area, because high strength retinol is too strong for that delicate area. In fact I was recently ID'd buying beer in the weekly shop while wearing no makeup, and I've just turned 28! I choose to put that down to my youthful skin and not the cute pony t-shirt I was wearing....

Retinol products I rate are SkinCeuticals Retinol 0.5 and 1.0, and Vichy LiftActiv HA eyecream.  What's your skincare panacea?



  1. Fab post ladies - I need that Babyliss yokie and Kat, totally agree re retinol. Putting that Vichy eye cream on my list!

  2. yay thanks Karen! delighted to be guesting over in these parts. Hope you are having a ball in New York xx

    @Emma the Babyliss is my LIFE lol

  3. Oh very nice...I knew that vitamin C had a lot of anti-aging benefits for skin, but vitamin A is really that good? That's great to know. Have you tried natural facial masks? Especially for the sensitive under-eye area there are some that can really help with signs of aging and dark circles. I find more natural products to yield better looking results than chemically-infused ones. Here is a great selection of facial masks for consideration, and you can also get a specific recommendation for your age, skin type, skin problems, etc. Cheers!


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