Monday, December 17, 2012

Easy Christmas Nail Art - Christmas presents!

Yesterday we finally got around to putting up the Christmas tree and it looks gorgeous if I do say so myself!  I'm feeling a lot more festive now with all the twinkly lights and so last night I was inspired to try some easy peasy nail art that anyone can do.  We all love presents, so why not make each nail a little present?

It was only when I went to take these photos in the tree that Joanne handed me one of the little decorations and said "Here, this is what you did on your nails"!  I didn't plan or realise that at all and was obviously subliminally inspired by the tacky decoration!

So what do you need?  Two polishes and some nail striping tape that you can get in Hairspray for around €3.  As our tree is decorated in red and gold, I grabbed the nearest red and gold polishes to hand.  Enter Lancome's Ginger Swing and NYC's Chelsea Cherry.

I applied two coats of Ginger Swing and waited for what seemed like a small age for it to dry completely.  I applied the striping tape so that they intersected on the top left corner of my nail.  A tip when using the tape is to rub the sticky side with your finger so that it's just slightly tacky as I found out the hard way the last time I used it that if it's too sticky, it can take the base polish off with it as you're removing it.

Doing one finger at a time, I applied a coat of Chelsea Cherry to each nail and removed the tape immediately.  If the top polish begins to set at all, it'll be a mess when you try to remove the tape.  So do polish and remove tape, finger by finger and you'll be fine.  A coat of Seche Vite will give the nails a beautiful gloss and this is what you'll be left with!

Christmassy nails!

Gotta hold on to the golden balls eh?

Joanne wants me to do this on her nails tonight so she'd better start thinking of what colour combination she wants!

UPDATE!  Have a look at my video showing you had to do this!

Do we like these festive nails?


  1. Love this Karen, so simple yet gorgeous! xx

  2. Very nice! I have striping tape that I haven't played with yet....

  3. Pretty and simple. Very festive. Great idea. :3

  4. They look gorgeous! Such a simple idea...will give this a go :)

  5. They are soooo pretty Karen, what a great idea! x

  6. This is beautiful! Simple, classy and festive!

  7. These are lovely, how perfect for the holiday season!


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