Friday, December 14, 2012

It's here! Boots Star Gift! Soap & Glory: The Best of All

Since Boots started doing their Star Gifts weeks ago, we've all been waiting for this one, the much lusted after Soap & Glory set!  I'm not even going to talk about it that much because I know you won't read it as you'll have already skedaddled out the door and down to Boots.

At just €35, usually €75, you can pick up this bad boy from December 14th to 20th and these are going to fly off the shelves so get yourself into Boots early and stock up!

The Soap & Glory The Best of All set includes
The Righteous Butter
Hand Food
Sugar Crush Body Scrub
Smoothie Star Body Milk
Clean on Me Shower Gel
Heel Genius Foot Mask
Peaches And Clean Cleansing Milk
Super-Colour Sex Mother Pucker Lip Plump in Punch Bowl
Thick & Fast Mascara

And they're all sitting pretty in a gorgeous vanity case!

What are you waiting for, get down to Boots stat!


  1. Im waiting for the plain the bring me to Boots :P

  2. I shouldn't but... I can't pass up such a good bargain! D: x

  3. This one is amazing!
    Missed that last year - couldn't miss it this year! Went to Boots on lunch time and nearly all of them (they had about 100) were gone! :)
    And also after this one the Star of the week thing will be finished isn't it?

  4. I was so disappointed by this gift set that I didn't purchase it. Every year it sells right out in the UK, in my store a few years ago we had people queuing out the door to nab a set and they were gone in seconds, this year I walked into the store on release day at about mid-afternoon and the sets were still piled high. Even still, just before New Years I travelled to a local shopping centre and they had TONNES of them, in the sale, and non were selling!
    I don't think S&G are adding the personal touches to their larger gift sets - the products are just shoved into the bag and cased in cardboard. The shades aren't Christmas exclusives with the makeup and the products aren't their best sellers, some of them are some of their worst sellers which seems like a strategy to include them to get them noticed. I've rambled on but I find it such a shame that S&G turned their heads away from their amazing hat-boxes filled with goodies and have opted for a poor quality cloth bag, cardboard inserts and an odd mix of products. It's good value but it's not the same.


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