Tuesday, December 4, 2012

NY purchases - The Big Guns

So yes, I went shopping..... It was Black Friday in New York and we all love a good deal don't we?  I had two things on my list to buy over there and I was really lucky and not only found them, but saved a few bob too.

My Panasonic camara owes me nothing.  I got it last year for my joint birthday/Christmas present and I used it pretty much every single day.  I was finding it hard to get the true colours of some products to show up properly and that wasted a lot of time, so I did my research and decided I wanted this guy, the Canon EOS Rebel T3i.  I see it as an investment *ahem*  I saved about €150 by buying it over there and was also able to take millions of the same photos of New York along with some close ups of Joanne's mush.  That's blackmailing stuff there!

So I went to B and H, the camera equivalent of Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory and was in awe of their selection of cameras and stared in wonderment as crates whizzed by above our heads, being sent from the show room upstairs down to where you pay for it.  All in all I got a great deal.  I got $100 off the camera and got a free memory card and bag thrown in.  Result.  I now feel totally profesh taking photos but looked like The Ultimate Tourist with it hanging around my neck in New York.  I still don't know how to use it properly, so reading the manual will probably help.

My beloved bag.

I've been coveting a Rebecca Minkoff handbag for ages now but couldn't afford the price tag of over €300.  I like to go to Arnotts and visit the bags every now and then, stroking them contentedly.  On our day trip to Jersey Gardens, I made a beeline for Saks Off Fifth Avenue.  My research told me that they carried Rebecca Minkoff and Michael Kors, both brands that Joanne and I love.  Joanne had gotten her Minkoff bag the day before and it's beeeeeautifullll but I'd bought something in a similar colour, so wanted to hold off for a tan or burgundy one.  It's rare that I find exactly what I'm looking for but look!  It was originally $298, reduced to $219, then down to $150, now that's a sale, take note retailers of Ireland!

I'm in The Love with it and may or may not have sprinted to it as soon as it was in eyeshot as it was the exact one I wanted.  I also may or may not have hugged it in the shop.  I now need to build up the courage to actually use it as it's so gorgeous and I am a messy fecker, but I'll be a grown up and mind it good and proper.

Did you do any online shopping or get any good deals lately?  Share with us all


  1. Squee! FABULOUS purchases Karen - love them both! Amazing bargains too xo

  2. camera snapsies! I just replaced mine with a Canon too. Love ih!

  3. That bag is gorgeous! You really got a bargain there! Ive wanted one for ages too after seeing them on a few youtubers videos! I would have ran screaming through the place elbowing people out of the way to get to it haha.
    Yes Ireland really needs to take note on sales from the US!


  4. Two fabulous buys! That bag is gorgeous. X

  5. Love the bag and dreaming of a camera like that :) Great investment purchases! xo

  6. Oh sweet Mother, that bag is gorgeous!

  7. If my lips weren't so chapped from the fecky weather, I'd be dribbling! Have awful Canon envy, enjoy every second of it! Fabulous bag, absolute bargain!x


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