Thursday, December 20, 2012

Self tanning this Christmas - Tan Organic, Cocoa Brown, He-Shi & Sally Hansen have you covered, literally!

'Tis the season to be jolly!  And photographed a lot, so it's important to look and feel our best.  Arms and legs are on show and since most photographs that'll be plastered all over Facebook and Twitter will be taken with flash photography, pale limbs become even paler.  If you like to embrace the pale, then I'm so jealous of the extra time you have to tend to other beauty duties.  I am pale, but also blotchy.  So if my arms are going to be on show, I need a little somethin' somethin' to help them on their merry way.

Whether you're one of those people who are totally organised and have all their Christmas shopping done and have their tanning routine sorted or someone who leaves it all to the last minute, I've three tanning products that are new to me and an old favourite that will get you through this holiday season.  I'll be trying them all out myself over the next few weeks and will report back with my findings. 

Organised Orla.
You are sorted.  The Christmas shopping is all done.  It's been done since the January sales this year, but you don't like to gloat or nothin'.  The party dress was bought ages ago as were all of the accessories.  You know what you're doing with your hair and make up and have been studying Youtube tutorials for weeks now.  Winged eyeliner?  Pfft, you could do it in your sleep you've been practicing that much.

The tan for you? Tan Organic (€19.99).  This organic tan is the first tan ever to be Eco Certified, is free of parabens and alcohol and doesn't dry the skin out either.  It promises to give a golden glow, is streak free, scent free and lasts for ages.  Spray it on your limbs a couple of days before The Big Party and you'll be a well prepared golden goddess, a smug golden goddess.

Day before Dorothy.
You had planned to be sorted but stuff kept happening.  Like Homeland and Revenge.  Then you were going to get organised over the weekend but you went out on Friday night for "one or two", famous last words...  Saturday was a write off due to a hangover from hell and you forgot that you're getting older, so two day hangovers are happening more and more, so Sunday was spent in it's entirety cursing alcohol in all it's forms.  It's now the night before the party and you still have a million things to do, so want something that'll take two seconds to apply and stay put over the coming days while you do another million things.

The tan for you? Cocoa Brown by Marissa Carter (€8.00).  This tan is brand new to the market and thanks to the accelerating ingredients, works in as little as one hour, but you can leave it up to three for a darker bronzey hue.  This thick mousse smells gorgeous and floral and the cherry on top is the price.  €8.  I know! 

Same day Sally.
You're not sorted at all.  Not even a little bit.  The only thing that should be white and pimply looking is the raw turkey.  Why did you buy a sleeveless dress?  It seemed like such a good idea at the time but now you've given yourself an hour to get showered, hair done, make up on before you head out looking (hopefully) fabulous.  You're wondering can you get away with using dry shampoo on your hair... Or backcombing the living Jaysis out of it to distract from how greasy the roots are... 

The tan for you? He-Shi Luminous Shimmer (€12.50).  This looks good enough to eat, but you don't have time for that.  This instant tan is packed full of colour, shimmer and will give you a golden glow that you can wash off easily at the end of the night.  Or the following morning.  If you can function like a human being that is.

When all else fails.
If you're really caught off guard and don't have time to run out and pick these up, then one product you probably have at home in your bathroom is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs (€13.95).  An oldie but a goodie which was reformulated earlier this year, so really a newie and a goodie.  I've used this on both legs and arms in the past and it's brilliant.  The water resistant formula will stay put as you invariably get drinks knocked all over you and the lovely dress you're wearing.

Are you prepared for the Christmas party season ladies?

PS. These would all make excellent stocking stuffers, n'est pas?


  1. Very good post, love the names and the white pimply turkey haha! I've never tried the He-Shi one, it looks so pretty! x

  2. Nice post. After reading your post, I got an idea about selecting a good tan product.

  3. Really surprised not to see Top Image Tan here. It's an Irish product that gives a really natural tan. It's so easy to apply as it's an instant tan and it dries in a few seconds. It lasts for a couple of days and never goes scaley or patchy which is the most obvious sign of a cheap looking fake tan! I've been using it for years and could never find a product that came close to the results this tan gives!


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