Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Lovely Girlie Guide to getting through the party season in one piece!

As the song goes "It's the most wonderful time of the year"!  It's also the busiest time of the year, sometimes it's the most stressful, but mostly yeah, it's wonderful.  Here at Lovely Girlie Towers, we've gone to our fair share of Christmas parties and have had a ball.  We think...  I've put together a Help Moi Get Through The Christmas Period In One Piece And Without Making A Holy Show Of Myself guide to get us all through the next couple of weeks!

The War Paint
Ok, we all love red lips over Christmas and if you're not one who uses red lippie throughout the year, then there's no better time than now!  But, with that bravery comes caution.  Yes, you will have spent ages getting ready, meticulously lining your lips before carefully applying your favourite red lipstick with a lip brush for absolute precision.  You go out the door looking and feeling fabulous and glamorous.  Then on your 6th drink of the night, you've broken the seal and find yourself in the loo and in front of the mirror a lot.  You see that you need to top up your lipstick to complete the Christmassy look once more.  You think you're looking gorgeous and apply layer upon layer, suddenly noticing that by applying the lipstick ever so slightly outside of the lips, it gives you big luscious lips and you're annoyed at yourself for only realising this now. 

You. Are Gorgeous. 

In reality, if you close one eye and squint through the other, there's more than a passing resemblance to The Joker.  It's all up your face and if you smile, yeah, it's on your teeth...  Beautiful...

My advice?  Unless you're planning on staying sober or one of your pals is a make up artist who is sober, (sobriety is obviously the key here) then bring a lipgloss with you or a lighter shade of lipstick because you will actually die of embarrassment the next day with all of the photos plastered on Twitter and Facebook.

With those sexy eyes (squint squint)
I am allllll about lashes every day of the year but at Christmas, I'm firmly in the camp of Go Big Or Go Home.  If I could only use one piece of makeup for the rest of my life, it'd be mascara so can you imagine how much I pile on when heading out on the town, never mind at Christmas.  There's nothing worse than catching a glimpse of yourself in a mirror, sober or otherwise and seeing your mascara all under your eyes.  Sloppy chic is not very Winter 2012 and it makes you look like you're only out of the bed.  No.  This is not a good look.

My advice?  Either use Clinique Bottom Lash Mascara which doesn't budge an inch, or if you've a waterproof mascara in your stash, use that on the bottom lashes.  If you don't have access to either of those, try powdering under your eyes with something like this Micro-Fil Loose Powder from Giorgio Armani so that the oil on your skin doesn't interact with the oil in the mascara and cause it to break down.  If you can't do that, then there's one more thing to try.  Do a smokey eye like never before and bring the shadow under your eyes.  I'd stick to the mascara or powder though!

Never again...
Yeah right.  There's not one single solitary person out there who hasn't said those two words after waking up following a brilliant night out.  If you haven't, you're a big ole liar.  We totally mean it for that day and swear that if your body is your temple, why did you chug a load of alcohol in your temple?  Was your temple having a drought and a grand bottle of Malbec was the only fix to save the impending natural disaster?
You get annoyed with yourself.  Didn't you remember having this exact conversation with yourself the last time you woke up dying a small death?  You wonder if it's like the whole childbirth myth, that you forget about the pain until the next time you do it?

My advice?
One of the best products that has come into my life is NoHo.  Now I'm not advocating drinking your body weight in prosecco or anything, but if you need to function as a human being the next day, please give this a go.  It's packed full of nutrients that your body uses to break down alcohol, tastes a bit like cough medicine and here's the most important thing; you need to drink one bottle before you head out and drink the other before you go to bedThis is crucial.  I've gone out and forgotten to take the second one and shook my fist at myself (in my mind the following day as I lay like a zombie and waited for the day to be over).  Leave it on your pillow and you won't (shouldn't) forget it.  If you don't have access to NoHo or you've left it too late, give Vita Coco a go.  This is based on one ingredient, coconut water and is full of naturally occurring potassium and essential electrolytes, so total hydration station across the nation.  I'll totally be trying these out over the Christmas season.  No more waking up with a dirty big hairy tongue and asking myself  "Did I just lick a carpet?"  My brother loves this stuff and says it's brilliant, so it has the Lovely Manly Dangly seal of approval!

If you don't get around to taking any of this advice at all at all, then I'll leave you with this little nugget that I've lived by for years... If I don't remember it, it didn't happen...

Do you have any tips or tricks to help us all get through the party season in one piece without having made a holy show of ourselves?

Best of luck!


  1. I love that piece of advice. If you're planning to drown yourself in some alcohol, wear a lighter lip color! I never let myself lose control and get too drunk, buzzed at most really. But sometimes I do go for a nude lip even though it's evening...just in case, haha.

    ~ http://dolcellita.blogspot.com/

  2. Have you tasted the Vita Coco stuff yet, the plain version is very hard to drink, I had some in the summer its not very nice.

  3. I'll definitely keep the hangover tip in mind. God Knows I need it!


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