Friday, January 25, 2013

Dove Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner

The Year Of The Hair saga continues where I make my way through all the hair products I can.  I am a divil for buying shampoos and conditioners and going through the latter way before I finish the shampoos.  This means that I have millions (slight exaggeration) of half empty bottles of shampoos littering my shower.  From time to time I go on a mad condtioner shopping spree so that I can finish up the shampoos and a few weeks ago I repurchased this Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner from one of my favourite brands Dove.  I've gone through countless tubes of this conditioner and will continue to buy it forever.

I love using hair treatments on my gruaig but don't always have the time to wait the usual 15 minutes or so.  I have a routine in the shower and it goes a little something like this.

  1. Try not to slip as stepping into shower.
  2. Wet hair and let water go into eyes causing mascara to sting eyeballs.
  3. Wipe eyes and wonder if I've a big panda head on me.
  4. Shampoo hair once.
  5. Apply conditioner.
  6. Wash lovely girlie bits etc.
  7. Rinse conditioner.
  8. Freeze lovely girlie bits getting out of the shower.
  9. The end.

So I really only give myself as long as it takes to wash for the conditioner to do it's job.  This Intensive Repair Express Treatment Conditioner works in as little as one minute but I'm not that fast at doing everything else in the shower.  It's slightly thicker than a regular conditioner and I like to slather it on everywhere except for the roots.

For those who love the science-y bits, it contains Fibre Actives technology that penetrates inside the hair fibre to help rebind damaged proteins.  It also promises to help prevent split ends and breakage.

After I dry my hair, it's seriously smooth and swishy but doesn't feel weighed down at all.  It feels healthy and I'm all about that.  I don't think the length of my hair will ever be actually healthy but if it feels nice, I'm happy with that.  And if I use my Babyliss Big Hair after using this conditioner then it gives me hair ad worthy locks!

I know this is touted as a daily treatment and there are times where I do use it every day but most of the time I use it two or three times a week.  I think it's around the €4 mark but I always stock up when it's on offer in Tescos and now that I think of it, I can't remember the last time I bought shampoos or conditioners at full price.

If you've dry, damaged hair or if you just want to be extra nice to your locks during your busy week, then you need to check this out.


  1. I love this conditioner too! Such good results for such a cheap price plus 1 min is about the maximum time I will wait for a hair treatment as I'm impatient haha xx

  2. I use my conditioner way before the shampoo too, i'm using the gold one of this and love it! xx

  3. This is going on my list of products to pick up! I haven't found a decent conditioner and I don't have time for all that 'wait 15 minutes' malarky!
    ''Freeze lovely girlie bits getting out of the shower.'' Oh god you're hilarious haha.

  4. I love this stuff too! I just wish they would make it smell like strawberries...


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