Thursday, January 10, 2013

Revlon Colorstay Inspired eyeshadow quad photos, swatches, make up look

January can be such a meh month.  I miss my smokey eyes and glitter nails and in January I mostly stick to neutrals when it comes to my makeup.  I can't wait for spring time for the (hopefully) milder weather, the colourful clothes in the shops and we can finally start to shed the layers and layers of clothes.

To help tide me over until then, I've been going through my stash for colourful make up to help me shift the pain that is January and where better to start than with this Revlon Colorstay eyeshadow quad called Inspired.

These palettes all promise 16 hours wear and I don't think I could ever test that claim out.  Imagine putting it on at 7am and waiting until 11pm to remove it?  No, a work day will suit me grand and that's my average testing period for eyeshadows.  These guys last the 8 hours with a primer.  I have to use primer otherwise the shadow would be sliding off my eyelids as I was applying it.

The palette contains four shades, all of which have a satin finish more so than a shimmery one.  There's a white one that I use to highlight, a turquoise blue, a minty green shade and a dark purple/navy shade. 

The eyeshadows are lovely and pigmented, blend easily and really are a joy to use.  There was no fall out when using the darker shade.

The back of each palette has a little picture tutorial, giving you an idea of what you can do with it, so I thought I'd try it out myself to see how I got on!  I often wonder if people follow the diagrams on the back of eyeshadow palettes like this and the answer is yes.  Me.  I do.

1. I applied the turquoise shade to the eyelid, patting the colour on.
2. I took the dark purple shade along the crease and took it under the lower lash line.
3. Taking the mint green shade, I applied a little splodge of it on the outer corner.
4. Needing more drama and because your wan's eyes were closed in the picture so I didn't know what else to do under my eyes, I took the purple shade on the waterline.  I'm mad like that.

And that was it.  A colourful eye that'll look even better with a bit of a tan and some sunshine!  Also, don't you love that one eyebrow hair that's standing up saying hi.

€11.25 is the damage for this which in terms of quality and pigmentation, is a pretty great deal.  This was sent to me but I want to collect the rest of the palettes!

Have you tried any of these yet?


  1. Such pretty colours, really suits you x

  2. Fabulous, I have to get this quad! Really emphasises the colour of your eyes!

  3. Surprised with how much I like the colours in that little palette. Normally prefer nudes but this looks amazing on you.

  4. Hmm, I thought from the picture this would be 'too mad' for me, but I think I quite like it actually. Could def imagine this with a glossy lip on a night out. I love getting little diagrams on how to use eyeshadows.
    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx


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