Wednesday, January 16, 2013

YSL Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy No 5 - Mouthwatering Berry

When in Sephora, it's very easy to get overwhelmed by all the things.  There are products as far as the eye can see but for a seasoned pro like myself, I focus on the job at hand, do what I do best.  Find amazing products that I don't need but wonder how I lived without.

One of my favourite purchases (so far, in fact, I haven't used everything that I bought when I was away yet, I know, the shame) is this stunning beauty from YSL.

This is the first Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy I've tried out and if this one is anything to go by, I'll have quite a collection in the future.  This one is shade No 5, Mouthwatering Berry.  It looked really dark in the tube and I nearly didn't even bother swatching it but once I did, I uttered an "Ohhh yeahhhh" and popped a tube into my basket with a satisfying ping.  Berry stained lips?  Don't mind if I do.

The packaging is stunning.  It's heavy and shiny and of course you have to give it a good shine before taking it out of your bag.  The moisturising formula is boosted with fruit extract rich in vitamins and antioxidants which is all fine and dandy, but how does it fare on your face?

This is my kind of lip product in that it's moisturising, glossy and has decent colour payoff.  I like things I can just glide on without having to have a mirror and this fits the bill beautifully.  As the gloss wears away, the colour itself stains the lips and you can either top it up with more Sheer Candy or slap a bit of lip balm on and you're good to go.

One of my missions this year is to finish a lip product and I think this is going to be the lucky one.  Or unlucky if you're Mouthwatering Berry.  This is my go to lip product at the moment and I love that I don't have to use a mirror.

Now, the damage is €31.50 but I don't care!  I love love love it and it's the perfect shade to wear during the spring and know that if it makes it as far as summer, it'll look gorgeous with loose wavy hair and a tan.  Go check these out at YSL counters nationwide.

Have you tried any of the Rouge Volupte Sheer Candy lippies yet?  What colour do I need to try next?


  1. This is bloody gorgeous, might have to pick this up!! xx

  2. I thought it would come out really deep! I love how light it is.

  3. Sounds like I need one in my life...or 5! I'm not big into sheer lipsticks, but I see these raved about everywhere I turn! Definitely swaying me!

  4. Ohh this kinda reminds me of Clinique Black Honey but it has a much nicer glossy pay off! And that packaging is absolutely amazing!!

  5. I love this whole collection! I have the Rouge Volupte lipstick in a nice bright pink. It's so smooth and creamy! I want them all.


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