Monday, February 18, 2013

First look! YSL Rouge Volupte Shine Shade 8 Pink In Confidence, Shade 15 Corail Intuitive - Photos, swatches

Oh lads I'm in love.  Mad love.  When I first read about the Rouge Volupte Shine lipsticks on British Beauty Blogger last week, I made a mental note to check them out when they came to Ireland as they sounded like the perfect product for me.  Sheer, shiny, pretty?  What more could you ask for?

Well, Saturday found me in Newry with mam and Joanne to do a spot of shopping.  While mam was paying for something, I found myself in the beauty section, like you do and caught sight of the Rouge Volupte Shine display and wide-eyed, I asked the sales assistant if these were the new ones, just to be sure to be sure.  She assured me they were and within about 20 seconds, I'd covered myself with swatches and picked out these two.

These were the shades that spoke to me the loudest but I assure you I'll be going back for more.  The packaging is quintessentially YSL with it's gold tube and the logo encasing a hint of the colour that you'll find inside.  The lipsticks contain hyaluronic acid that helps seal in moisture and they smell fruity.

I picked Shade 8, Pink in Confidence and Shade 15, Corail Intuitive.  Both light, wearable and exactly the type of shades I go for.  First up is shade 8, Pink in Confidence.  

In the tube, it looks like a rosy pink with subtle shimmer in it.  It gives a my lips but better finish and gives a polished finish to your make up look.

Pink in Confidence feels light on the lips and glides on like butter.  These Rouge Volupte Shines are sheer in nature but can be layered to give a more pigmented finish.  I'm sure the darker shades will give more coverage and I'll be sure to test that theory out next pay day!

Shade 15, Corail Intuitive just makes me happy.  It's everything I look for in a lipstick and suits my skin tone perfectly!

This peachy, corally shade has the finest gold shimmer in it and gives a bit more colour than Pink in Confidence, but I could just be biased because corals and me go hand in hand.

Corail Intuitive adds warmth to my skin and puts a smile on my face.  It feels just as comfy and smooth on the lips as Pink in Confidence and I know I'll be getting huge wear out the two of them.  I haven't tested them out in the longevity department yet but I will do and will be sure to update you with my findings.

These will set you back €31.50 and are well worth it in my opinion!  These are gorgeous and need to be checked out.  I do believe I'll be collecting a few more of these in the near future and urge you to visit your YSL stand when they're released!


  1. Oh, man. YSL are just knocking everyone else out of the ball park aren't they? I already have Prune Virgin and Rose Crazy (I think it's called) from the Les Mats collection and two sheer candies and NOW, Mrs, I have a gra for that pink number. And I'm broke. Watch out also buying these of Feel Unique - I got pinged for duty on Prune Virgin (13 squids!!!) as it's value is over 22 EUR and Jersey is NOT part of the EU.

    1. Ouch! Hopefully you can get your paws on some without getting ripped off because they're so worth it!

  2. I love the peachy shade. It's good to see you actually get a good amount of product in the tube. So many brands only give half of that amount

    1. The peach is my favourite so far, I'll be trying more no doubt so that could change!

  3. Shade No. 8 is most definitely on my wish list! My problem will be trying NOT to buy more than one!!!

  4. I just want to say hello because i bought 15 for myself and was planned to buy 8 for my mother! These two are my favorite and it seems we've got the similar taste~

  5. I just want to say hello because i bought 15 for myself and was planned to buy 8 for my mother! These two are my favorite and it seems we've got the similar taste~

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