Monday, February 25, 2013

Maybelline Color Show nail polishes - photos, swatches

Ooh Maybelline have launched their first runway inspired wardrobe for our nails in the way of 39 new shades combined with some capsule collections that will be launched throughout the year.  Two of these will coincide with Fashion Weeks so we can take away a little piece of inspiration from the runway looks without breaking the bank!

I was sent five shades to play with and instantly fell in love with the coral shade, as did Joanne.  We get most products sent to her job and less than an hour after emailing me a photo showing me the nail polishes, she sent me another photo with the middle shade on her nails, so we knew we were on to a good thing!

L-R: Sugar Crystals, Coral Craze, Urban Coral, Midnight Taupe, Watery Waste

I think a little swatchfest is in order don't you think?  I hadn't tried any of the Color Show polishes until now and was happy to see that each shade was opaque after two coats except of course for Sugar Crystals.  The polishes went on evenly with no streaking and after careful examination of the press release that came with these guys, I've now another four on my list that I want to try next!

Anway, let's get to the business at hand.

First up is Watery Waste.  Why they named it that is beyond moi, but that aside, it's a soft silvery shade that has more of a pearly finish than metallic, making it much easier to wear. 

Midnight Taupe is next and it's the most sophisticated of the five shades.  It's a dark mushroom shade with purple and brown undertones and is totally office friendly.

Next we have the brightly coloured Urban Coral.  This makes me yearn for summer and bright days, holidays in Spain with blue skies.  So I'll be wearing this to transport me to the future!  This is me in nail polish form during the summer months.

This next shade is me in nail polish form in spring time!  Coral Craze is all kinds of perfect for me right now.  It's peachy and corally, it's pastel, it's pretty, it's bright and gives my pale skin a little lift.

Finally we have Sugar Crystals, a shimmery sparkley shade that can add a bit of interest to bare nails or used as a topcoat over another polish.  I've used it on it's own on the left, over Urban Coral and Coral Craze and because it doesn't have that gritty finish that a glitter polish usually would, you can get away without using a topcoat over it.  It's pretty and feminine without turning your nails into a disco ball.

Each of the shades are a very reasonable €4.55 and are definitely worth checking out.  Have you tried any of the Color Show polishes yet?


  1. Midnight Taupe will be mine! The two corals also look divine xo

    1. I can totally see you wearing Midnight Taupe, very profesh!

  2. Midnight Taupe, Sugar Crystals and Coral Craze are immediately on my nail polish wishlist!

  3. These are lovely. I'm a total magpie when it comes to nail polish, so I'll defo be picking up Sugar Crystals. I like the look of Coral Craze too.
    I've seen these polishes in Boots, and there's one I'm dying to get my hands on; I can't remember what it's called, but it's a dark red with holographic glitter in it, it's so beautiful!!!

    1. Ooh that sounds so nice! I want the lime green one and turquoise one too, so many!

  4. Watery Waste is such a terrible name and the funny thing is that it probably was signed off on by at least 10 execs in the company - bizarre!! Anyway, like most of the girlies, Midnight Taupe is my favourite :)

    1. We're all obviously very sophisticated with our love of Midnight Taupe!

  5. I really love the sugar crystals. I bought it as a nail polish rather than just a top coat and can't get over how smooth and lovely it feels. It's really subtle too!


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