Friday, February 15, 2013

New! Sally Hansen Airbrush Leg Make Up now comes in cream form!

Here at Lovely Girlie Bits, we are massive fans of the Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs spray.  Last year, mam was going to a wedding and after much explanation and demonstration of the spray, she ended up wearing it but made me come over and apply it for her in case she missed a bit.  She loved it so much that she kept the can for herself but still makes me do the physical labour and also makes us do it in the bathroom on the tiles so we (I) can clean up after ourselves.

The new Airbrush Legs Make Up is going to be a life saver for me and my knees!  And no needing to re-grout the tiles in the bathroom!

Coming in four shades, this make up for your legs helps cover freckles, imperfections, veins and makes your legs look fabulous.  It contains Palmaria Extract which is a conditioning treatment for your legs.  The perfect thing about this is the application technique.  No mess, no trying to see if you got the back of your legs properly.  You just apply a small amount into your hands and start rubbing it in.  Give it a couple of minutes to set and you're good to go.

It has the same scent as the spray version and gives the same natural finish too.  When I applied swatches on my arm, a few hours later I went to have a shower and tried to remove it by rubbing my arm under running water and it didn't budge.  I had to use shower gel and my little puff to get rid of it so it'll stand up to the Irish torrential rain and if anyone happens to spill a beverage on you, your tan will stay put, even after you kick them in the shin for being so clumsy.

The swatches below are thick just so I could show you the shade range and I'd probably use the same amount in one swatch for my whole arm if I was using it there.  I always use the spray version all over me when I'm stuck for time and I'll be doing the same with these.
Left - Right: Light, Medium, Tan, Bronze
This is a revelation in my world and if these hadn't been sent to me, I'd have bought the light shade myself after seeing them in the chemist.  Such a good idea Sally Hansen!

They will retail at €16.95 and will be available in selected pharmacies and grocery stores nationwide.


  1. I think i might prefer to spray and the spray is a lot cheaper! its a nice concept though

    1. I just had to check my old post to see how much the spray was and it's €13.95 so not a huge difference. Hopefully the cream version will be on offer like the spray one is a lot!

    2. true , in penneys you can pick up for under €10!

  2. I think the colours looks great and I’ll add this to my shopping list right away.

  3. Ooh il have to try these out, I do love the spray over the rimmel sun shimmer creams. hopefully these creams are better than sun shimmer!

  4. Hmmm might try these, they usually have great deals on sally hansen in pharmacies, you can always get good deals on them. I might try this to test out on a scar I have on my leg as well as stretch marks!! x

  5. Your writing has impressed me. It’s simple, clear and precise. I will definitely recommend you to my friends and family. Regards and good luck.

  6. Sounds like exactly what I need with my bashed legs. Although at the moment light would suit, but medium in another month. Think I'll just go for medium...

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  8. Hi, Which colour would go with the cocoa brown dark tan do you think? And if I didn't shower it off, would one application last three days or would you need to scrub off daily and reapply? I have a weekend convention coming up and would love to do it just once on my legs, but use the cocoa brown 1 hr tan on my top half. What do you think??


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