Sunday, February 17, 2013

The pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 7

I feel like we're hurtling through February like there's no tomorrow and before we know it, it'll be payday again and we'll be in to March!

I didn't really have specific pit of my week this week which was great!  I did however come to a couple of realisations about things and feel like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders.  I've had a lot on my mind recently and it's always good talking to someone who is outside of a situation and who gives you some perspective, so I have to give my pal Ruth lots of thanks for listening to me!

I had so many peaks of the week this week!  The sun shone and that lifted everyone's spirits.  I met with one of my favourite brands ever, Bourjois.  I went to a fashion show in Harvey Nichols and gave evils to Dr Eva from Operation Transformation.  Finally, yesterday Joanne, mam and I went to Newry for the day for a little look.  I did some (a lot of) damage in Superdrug and Debenhams that I'll be showing you over the coming days no doubt, but the main mission was to see if we could get mam a little jacket to go over a dress she's wearing to a wedding in April.  Not only did she find a jacket, it was on mad sale, as were the shoes she found!  She also got a bag to match and a necklace and is completely kitted out for the day!


How was your week?

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