Friday, March 8, 2013

Bourjois Rendezvous a Paris So Laque Glossy Polishes - Adora-blue and Peach and Love

Let me tell you about my one and only trip to Paris about 8 or 9 years ago.  I went with one of my best pals Kim and it was mid January.  We stayed in a hostel where all of the rooms overlooked a courtyard that had the communal showers.  Outside.  Did I mention it was mid January?  And snowing?  And I forgot flip flops so had to shower in the freezing cold in socks.  Our first uttering to each other every morning was a little groan followed by how many days we had left and in turn how many showers we had left to take.

Apart from that, it was of course a beautiful place and I've wanted to go back ever since, minus the cold and hostel.  The latest nail collection from Bourjois is inspired by the beautiful city of Paris and is keeping me inspired and hopeful that some day I'll head back there and stay in a nice hotel during the summer and have lovely colours adorning my nails!

The collection of eight polishes is broken down into four districts, depending on where your Parisian plans might take you, none of which involve a hostel or missing the bus to Beauvais airport and then having to take a €100 taxi journey to make your flight.

The collection has something for everyone featuring brights, nudes, neutrals and pastels.  So starting from the top left, we have Stroll through Bagatelle which features the pale pink Oh So Rose and red with a touch of coral Prepp'hibiscus.  Exhibition in St Germain Des Pres has a gorgeous grey nude BC Beige and green pastel Amanda Defile.  If you fancy a bit of Shopping on Avenue Montaigne then Taupe Modele and the gorgeous Adora-bleu will make it a bit easier to shop 'till you drop.  Finally for Brunch on the Champs Elysees, the pale dove grey Coton sur ton or Peach and Love will whet your appetite!

I was given two to play with a few weeks ago and they are just gorgeous.  They're the two that I would have bought first myself and you'll see why...

Adora-bleu is a gorgeous periwinkle blue polish that looks almost neon in some light.  It was the one I picked to get my nails painted with at the launch a couple of weeks ago and it instantly spoke to me out of the whole line up of polishes.  Well, it yelled at me really.  It said "Ooh la la Karen, pick me and we can be very 'appy togezzer".  This creamy shade makes me think of blue skies and sunny Parisian days.

Peach and Love isn't one of those traditional peach shades that are out at the moment.  This has a lovely pink undertone to it and is one of the most gorgeous peachy polishes in my crazy collection.  If it's meant to make me yearn to have brunch on the Champs Elysees, then it worked!  I can picture myself sitting outside at a table in the sun, shades on, wind in my hair and having a glass of champagne.  In my imagination, I'm not spilling anything and am very chic altogether.  I can also walk perfectly in those pointy shoes that have no backs without going over on my ankles.

The photos of the polishes above are with two coats and no top coat, so you can see the glossy shine that is very Seche Vite-esque and that's because they're enriched with vinyl to give lots of shine.

The Rendezvous a Paris collection is on counters this month and at €7.99, it's much cheaper than a Ryanair flight to Paris and there are no hidden costs.  Definitely worth checking out!


  1. These are so pretty and so glossy!


  2. Love them all!


  3. They're all really pretty. I really like the pale grey one, I'll probably pick that one up. The blue and pinky-peach ones are also lovely, but I think I have enough blues and pinks, I need to branch out with some different colours!

  4. I love nudes! The middle one on the top row is calling my name. I really like Bourjois polishes :) excited to see what th rest of these look like in real life.

    Sara at BelfastBeautyLove xx

  5. The grey nude is gorgeous, I'd love to try it out. Love the blue on you

  6. Oh they are very pretty! Can't believe you had to get an €100 taxi too, thats horrific!


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