Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Essie She's Picture Perfect nail polish, photos, swatches

Once we get to St Patrick's Day, I'm full of the joys of spring without a doubt.  It must be because it's the first bank holiday of the year and when we went back to work in January, it felt like forever ago but fear not, it's next weekend!  To help me get to then in one piece, I've been playing with some spring appropriate nail polishes and over the weekend at the beauty trade show in the RDS, I fell in love with this one.

In spring, I'm quite traditional in my choices of nail polish and like to play around with pastels.  Well, She's Picture Perfect is the most gorgeous lilac polish that is shot through with a pinky purple-y micro shimmer.  

In the bottle, the micro shimmer is much more evident than on the nails and in the photo below you can't see it at all.  In person though, there's a definite pink undertone to the polish, rendering it very interesting to moi and worthy of it's own post.

The magic really happens when direct light hits your nails and She's Picture Perfect is transformed from a flat lilac shade to one with so much more dimension.  See?

You can buy Essie polishes in Boots now for €9.99 and I defy you to be able to stop at buying just one!  

What's your favourite spring time polish?


  1. See! ;)

  2. that's gorgeous! The pink shimmer really adds to it

  3. I've NEVER seen this colour before! Is it from the regular line?

  4. I just love it!! I have to avoid the Essie section in my Boots - dangerous xx

  5. Another want! Will stick to my Sally Hansen gorgeous Greige for the moment! Or Greige gardens whatever it's called!!


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