Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Four black liners from Hourglass, No7, Smashbox and Bourjois!

Eyeliners can be a hoor to use.  It's a fact of life.  I play around with them a lot because one of my aims in life is to be able to be one of those women who can casually slick on a winged line without batting an eyelash.  Another aim is to master lining my eyes without having to hold my breath.  If I've done a neutral eye where my blending is perfect, you can bet that I'll mess it up with not holding my breath trying to do the liner, or be dizzy at the end of it after holding my breath for ages.

And if I'm in any bit of a rush and racing the clock, then I can guarantee you 100% I will mess it up like nothing else and need to start my eyes from scratch and curse the day I thought I'd be able to do it with the Countdown clock theme tune in my head.  I've been playing with some new additions to my eyeliner collection over the past couple of months and I'm getting there I tell you.  Practice will make perfect!

Hourglass Jett Script Precision Eyeliner - €26.65

This liner has the teeniest tip I've ever seen on a liner and when Hourglass make up artist Mel Leonard used this on me last year when I went to visit the Hourglass counter in Harvey Nichols, I knew it had to be mine.  So I bought it in New York!  It's perfect for lining the upper lashline so accurately that it gives the illusion of fuller lashes.  The point is weeny enough to dot between your lashes right at the roots.  For those of us with hooded eyes, sometimes the liner can get lost when we have our eyes open, but not with this guy.

No7 Stay Precise Felt Tip Eyeliner - €10.50

Part of the Ballerina Beauty Collection from No7, this liner has one of those hard nibs which means you can get a really good point on your flick.  The best way to get the line looking nice and even is to hold the nib horizontal along your lashes and let it rest on your skin, sliding it along gently.  This doesn't tug on you delicate eyelid skin and gives a grand crisp line.

Smashbox Love Me Paint Pen Eyeliner - €22

This is the biggest liner out of the four and feels like the permanent marker it's inspired by!  Part of the Love Me collection I wrote about here, the felt tip liner gives a really thick line but the point means you can still get a nice fine point to the flick.  This is less opaque than the others, but has a more graffiti, grungy feel to it and I can see it lending itself well to more edgy make up looks.  So I need to get brave with my make up looks and get stuck into this!

Bourjois Liner Pinceau - €8.99

The tip of this liner is flexible and it gives a really intense slick of colour across your eyelid.  I was surprised how easy it was to use and managed to create this flick in under 30 seconds, but a word of caution, if like me, you lash the liner on nice and thick, give it a few seconds before opening your eyes properly so it dries a bit and doesn't transfer to your upper eyelid.  You can see for yourself that the line is crisp, clean and jet black, so perfect for those dramatic looks.

What's your favourite black liner?


  1. Love the Bourjois one too. The Nars stylos are fab also, as is the Soap and Glory version. Love me a good felt tip pen liner! xo

  2. Oh really want to try the hourglass one, I've never seen such a small tip!!

  3. What would be the best for a total "eyeliner beginner"? ;) I mean the easiest to use. Thank you.

  4. I don't know what it is about felt tipped liners but I just don't like them! Maybe I've just been unlucky with the ones I've bought though!
    I like the Rimmel Glameyes liquid eyeliner but me personally, I'm a gel eyeliner kind of girl!
    I really like the look of the Bourjois one though.

  5. That Boujour liner looks so good - really black and pigmented!! x

  6. I've hooded eyes and crap ye sight and find using a brush and sleek matt black eyeshadow

  7. Works for me but used to adore gel eyeliner. Must try that no 7 one!


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