Thursday, March 21, 2013

Guest post! Glitter Mama Wishes' Yasmine's top three products of the month

I met Yasmine last year at an Inglot event and we instantly clicked! She's a mama to two gorgeous chiddlers, is a little stunner herself and is great craic altogether! She blogs over at Glitter Mama Wishes so be sure to check it out and you'll see what I'm talking about! She's in charge of the blog today and is here to tell is the top three products she's been loving this month. Over to you Yaz!

Hi-hi!! I'm very excited to be doing a guest post for Karen on her blog, fell quiet honored actually hehe! hopefully I don't let her down but ye will just have to be happy lol, because Karen ain't here y'all......she's gone off on a sunny holiday, the lucky wagon, I've already told her she has to bring back some sun with her so I'll be waiting :))

Ok so I'm sure everyone's most used products change every month, the joys of being a shopaholic ;) Here's my 3 most used beauty products of March so far.

Bourjois 1 second nail polish remover
I first got this to try in a glossybox late last year. I tried it once and wasn't too impresses. Then a few weeks a go I couldn't find my bottle of nail polish remover so I gave this another go and I really like it now. Ok it doesn't work in 10 seconds but, certainly under 15 seconds (depending on the polish and how many coats etc) but it really does take all the polish off and there's no faffing about with bottles of polish and cotton pads. That can be a challenge when the kids are around!

Essence liquid eyeliner
Normally I'd use L'oreals liquid eyeliner as I liked the tapered sponge on it. I had tried a liquid liner with a thin brush but it didn't feel very sturdy and the bristles sort of went everywhere if you know what I mean! So I'd heard the essence one was good and I really do love it...even more than my L'oreal one! It gives a really black line as thick or as thin as you want. And it's so quick that I've been wearing eyeliner regularly now even just to do the school run, yay me lol!

Seche Vite top coat
I'd heard a lot about this top coat randomly on blogs but just thought ''A top coat is a top coat, they are all the same, clear smelly nail polish'' Silly naive me...

I was talking to Karen, Sue and Joanne at the Irish Beauty show a few weeks ago and they all agreed that this top coat was amazing and I'd never look of course I bought a bottle to try out for myself. I didn't have high hopes, I have 2 kids and nail polish has ALWAYS chip within 1 day, I kid not!

I painted my nails in the evening when the kids were asleep, then had a shower, scrubbed my hair, dried my hair, next day then the daily cleaning, hands in water, poopie nappies etc lol! Guess what?!? nails stayed glossy and chip free for 3 days, for 3 days I now get to feel very polished...literally!! If you haven't got this in your polish collection, you really do NEED it. I really see now how difficult it was to keep my nails looking pretty with out this.



  1. Great picks Yas! I normally use a pen liner myself as I find them easier in my clumsy unsteady hands but love the two nail products here xo

    1. Thanks Emma, I don't think I've ever tried a pen one, I think I will next though ;) x

  2. I'm normally a gel eyeliner kind of person but the essence one looks really great, I'll have to try and give it a go!
    The nail polish remover sounds great also. I've always been afraid to buy it because I believed it was just some kind og gimic and too good to be true!


    1. Me and gel liners don't get on :( I find the liquid easier. Try it, sure it's only around €2 :D x

  3. Really wanna try that top coat! Great picks x

  4. Seche Vite is the business, until you get to the end of it and it goes gloopy!! But its still makesyour nails lovely and shiney :) great picks, great post

    1. I really love it, very impressed with it x

  5. Wow, I was lucky to find this site after i wanted some info on Bing! Continue the truly amazing work!

  6. Seche Vite and that Bourjois pot have been saving my bacon lately! Dunno where my poor nails would be without them!


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