Monday, March 11, 2013

My Favourite Five Posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 10!

Oh hi!  I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are happy to be back at work today, boo hoo!  Here are my Favourite Five posts from my fellow bloggers last week.  The ones that made me go ooh, ahh, I wanna buy that...

1.  As you know, I'm a ha-uuuuge fan of Louise from Sprinkle Of Glitter and love her long time.  Her Motivational Monday post last week really stuck with me and I've been making a real effort to live by it this past week, so thanks Louise for inspiring me to not want to sit on people!

2. Again, The Sunday Girl made me want to buy more lip products...  I actually need Revlon's new lip butter in Papaya in my life and on my face.  No ifs, ands or buts.

3. I love Jayme and Mendie from Her Late Night Cravings and this post/video made me laugh so much!  They were doing a No Buy February where they promised not to purchase any beauty products and it didn't quite go to plan as these things happen!  I sat there in stitches at the girls' faces go from happiness to guilt, back to happiness when showing off their purchases, too funny!

4. Orla from Makeup Over Mind, you do realise that you are the sole reason why I want Dior Amber Diamond and I've never even swatched it?  Every time you talk about it, I want it more and so I'm going to bite the bullet soon!  Click here to see Orla's February favourites and you'll see what I mean...

5. Although Lynnie from Lyndar The Merciless didn't like Barry M's Textured Nail Effects Paints, I haven't been able to stop thinking about this colour since reading her post.  The colour is one of the most gorgeous I've ever seen and I'll probably have to buy it to try myself and will end up coming back to her and saying "You were right oh nail guru"!


  1. I love posts like these, I love discovering new blogs!:D I really want Amber Diamond too so it's probably best I avoid Orla's blog! ;) xxx

  2. Bahaha! :) We all feed into each others addictive purchasing! I'm sure you'll return the favour 10 times over! :)


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