Monday, March 4, 2013

So I went shopping...

So last week I wasn't well and was feeling very sorry for myself altogether.  Mam is going to a wedding soon and wanted to have a look in town for something to wear over her dress, so Joanne and I went in with her on Saturday.  We always go for breakfast in the Kingfisher on Parnell Street and I decided to be healthy and order poached eggs and toast.  They looked perfect and as I took a bite of my first one, my face contorted with the overwhelming taste of vinegar from the eggs!  I usually put a tablespoon of vinegar in the water when poaching my eggs but I kid you not, they had to have put in a good few glugs.  I was devastated and despite trying to dab at the eggs with my napkin, I couldn't eat them and so had to find solace in the shops!

I'm a huge list maker and have post its everywhere; on my desk, in my bag, in my coat pockets.  So when in Arnotts, I had to pop by Paperchase to see if they had anything I could use and look at thisssssss!  It was €7 and is the dinkiest little List Book and has little circles you can tick off when you complete a task.  I love it so much but now feel that I need a fancy pen to write in it.

In Debenhams, I had a look at the Promod clothes and fell instantly in The Ultimate And Actual Love with this scarf.  It's pale pink and has little rose gold metallic dots at the ends along with silver stars.  It's one of those huge scarves that is really light and full and made for me.  Except because I'm so messy, I won't be wearing it any time I'll be eating or drinking.  It was €19.95, so one of the more expensive scarves in my massive collection, but I think it's now my favourite.  

I've been having a love affair with the Rituals reed diffusers and have gone through the Sweet Sunrise, Jasmine Dream and Spring Garden versions over the past couple of years and when I caught sight of this new scent, Lotus Secret, I had to investigate.  It smells divine, soft and powdery but I'm keeping it up for a few weeks while I sort out my bombsite of a bedroom.  This was €23.50 I think and you need to go and smell them all, they're gorgeous!

As it's properly spring, I've been loving wearing lighter scents and when we were in Clerys, we had to visit the Clarins counter as it's mam's favourite brand.  Last year I fell head over heels in love with the Eau Des Jardins scent from Clarins and when I saw this set was reduced from €40 to €26.80, I snapped it up!  I love it so much and it's the perfect spring time fragrance and a possible Mother's Day present ladies!

Now that the days are brighter, it's actually daylight and sometimes sunny when I'm driving home from work!  So I've been wearing sunglasses again and needed a new case to keep my shades safe in the bottom of my bag.  Enter Penneys and this dinky little case for €3.  Can't go wrong.

This next scarf also came from Penneys and cost €4.  It's coral, cute and has little white flowery designs all over it!  I snapped it up but realised when I got home that it smells like liquorice.  I don't like liquorice.  So I'll have to wash and air this one before it goes around my neck, othewise I'll be smelling like Blackjacks.

Finally is the last purchase of the day and one of those impulse buys that were right beside the counter!  Ok, we know I love a bit of animal print and general tackiness.  Well, how much more tacky can you get than a hair turban that is made of animal print microfibre but wait, I'm not finished, it has a diamante fastener!  Oh le sigh.  I am going to look mighty fine strutting around my house with this on my noggin!  And it was €1.50, bargain of le day!

Did you go shopping over the weekend and like me, are you now broke?


  1. That scarf is GAWJUSS and I will be popping into Penneys pronto for a case of my own!

  2. want all of it! I'm a bit addicted to Clarins lately I must admit. They have fabilis products for pregnancy!

  3. I'm really lovin' the list book, it's very cute just like you said! x

  4. I need that notepad! The little circles for to do lists are brilliant!

  5. i love your purchases!! I love the scarfs and the that i most liked is ths towel for the hair with animal prints.... it's lovely!!!

  6. Oh wow I need that List Book - I have something like it in work (but very boring) and I swear it makes me more efficient!x

  7. I wish I could go shopping with you. this is exactly the kind of stuff I would buy! great selection.

  8. That notepad is gorgeous! I need it ASAP haha, I love making lists :)


  9. That scarf! The Clarins!! We love it!! You bought some great things!! We too have way too many scarves but we still buy them... because we are obsessed! :-)

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings


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