Thursday, April 25, 2013

Body care with Vichy Essentielles Body Cream Milk, Roger & Gallet Lait Des Bienfaits & Pixy Glowing Body Butter

I know that the weather's getting milder because now I'm now able to sit with the window open at work and not be given out to.  Fresh air is good for the soul but not at the risk of freezing your coworkers.

I also know it's milder because I can now apply body lotion every day without that feeling of dread.  I don't have to wonder if I'll catch my death in an attempt to have smooth, moisturised skin and won't miss the feeling of being one big goosepimple as I wait for my body cream to be absorbed.

Like all aspects of my beauty life, I love trying lots of products, usually at the same time and these are the body products I'm currently using.  Wanna see?

Roger & Gallet's Eau Des Bienfaits is one of my favourite summery scents and being the very generous person that I am, have brought it into work to keep in what we now call "Karen's Drawers".  If a scent stays in my drawers then we know we're on to a good thing because there are a load of us to please.  Eau Des Bienfaits is a winner and now they've only gone and released an accompanying body lotion, Lait des bienfaits... This light body lotion is a bright, morning time lotion and puts me in great form right away.  It absorbs quickly which is handy as I'm always running late in the morning and it's five antioxidant fruits does good things to your skin.  If smooth, soft skin that smells like you're walking through an Italian garden on your way to a table that's set up with lots of delicious food and a lovely glass of prosecco, then this is the lotion for you.  Layering it with the body mist makes the scent linger even longer and for €14.95, you'll smell like summer all day.

Next up is the Vichy Essentielles body cream-milk.  Is it a body cream?  Is it a milk?  Yes is the answer.  This subtly rose scented lotion can be used on even the most sensitive skin and despite being light in texture, packs a punch in the moisturising department thanks to the shea butter, which also soothes and nourishes the skin.  This is so purse friendly that when I read it was €7 for the big 200ml tube, had to double check just to make sure I wasn't missing a 1 before the 7.  I'm loving applying this at night before bed to my arms and legs in an attempt to coax some moisture into them and it's working a treat.  Of course, it has the Vichy Thermal Spa Water, so I know I'm on to a good thing here.  Again, this absorbs quickly so no standing beside the bed fanning my arms and legs waiting for it to dry so I can get under the covers.  And it has the Bailey seal of approval.  It's the only lotion he tries to lick off me.  I wonder if it's the thermal water!

Finally is the newest addition to the body cream family.  The Glowing Body Butter from Pixy arrived this week and like always, I try not to let myself read the description of scents for products like this to see if I can recognize anything.  Well, one whiff and I sank back into the sofa in pure happiness.  I could smell jasmine instantly and that's one of my all time favourite scents.  If you've tried the Godiva shampoo bar from Lush, it smells like that and the fact that I can apply this all over me and smell gorgeous for ages, makes me supremely happy and I carried it around with me for the rest of that first night just inhaling it.  

Despite containing cocoa and shea butters to soften the skin, apricot, coconut and vitamin E oils to condition the skin and beeswax to seal in the moisture, you'd think this body butter would be thick and heavy.  Not in the slightest.  The tin feels light as a feather and you only need a small amount on your skin to get to work.  Now, the intoxicating jasmine scent along with the mica which gives the glow makes me want to keep this for nights when I'm going out and want a bit of a sheen along my decolletage and arms.  In terms of moisturising my skin, I'd give it a 7 out of 10 and feel it makes a much better scented body product than it does a moisturising body product if that makes sense.  Like I'd be applying it before going out at night to smell absolutely gorgeous, not to help my dry skin.  All I want now is a really sunny evening, a beer garden and this on me and I'd be happy out.  You seriously need to smell this stuff in person.  Or meet me in the beer garden and you can smell me!  This is €12.99 and will be a summer staple in the Lovely Girlie Bits household.  

What are you using on your body this weather folks?


  1. The Vichy Essentielles body cream-milk is lovely - it's really worked a treat on me every time of used it, but I'm struggling to find it at the moment (even in the usual Vichy Stockists!).

    I would love to try the Pixy Body Butter (I still haven't tried anything by them - there are so many tempting things to choose from!)

  2. I will have a second look at Vichy which might be quite nice for summer. At the moment one I'm liking a lot is The Body Shop's Grapefruit Body Butter, fun and fresh!

  3. I wouldn't mind smelling like I've just walked through an Italian Garden. The Roger & Gallet lotion is probably the closest thing I'll get to an Italian Garden - a trip to Italy is a bit out of my budget right now.

  4. I want this product in over country! :(
    Nice post :)

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