Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Ciate Funhouse photos, swatches

What's pink and glittery?  Funhouse!  Part of the new Fairground collection from Ciate, this polish packs a glitter punch and then some.  You know I love me some glitter polish and this is a keeper folks.

Funhouse has fine pink shimmer and bigger chunks of glitter in a clear base.  So you can either lash on a couple of thick coats like I've done here, or use it as a sparkley topping over a pink polish for a little somethin' somethin'.

Because it's essentially all glitter, the surface feels rough when it dries, but a coat or two of Seche Vite will smooth that out pronto.  I've applied three coats to make sure it was fully opaque for the photos, but you'd get away with two no hassle.  I'd recommend shaking the bottle well before using it to mix the different glitter up and it'll mean you'll have an even coat.

Funhouse is available on right now for €11.95!


  1. oh wow! this is super cute! I am always swearing off glitter polish but since getting the Bourjois remover stuff.

    1. I know, glitter is the bane/best thing in the nail polish world!

  2. Gorgeous pictures, K! They look like ad shots.

  3. So gorgeous! Need this! Definitely one for the summer, methinks! :)

  4. that is so pretty on! I love it!

  5. That looks gorgeous! I love glitters that work in the summer too.

  6. This is so pretty! Pink glitter always calls to me for some reason :)

  7. I’m so attracted to this colour. It's so stunning. I love it.

  8. I did not know ciate had its own Irish website!! Its so gorgeous!!

  9. urgh looks like i didnt finish my sentence up there! I am blaming pregnancy brain! Anyway I was saying I don't mind glitter now because I can take it off easily with the Bourjois remover


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