Sunday, April 14, 2013

My Favourite Five posts of the week from my fellow bloggers - week 15

Another week down and it was another great weeks in terms of blogging, so without lots of faffing about, here are my Favourite Five posts of the week from my talented fellow bloggers!  Feel free to leave your favourite post in the comments below as I'm always on the hunt for new blogs to follow.

I need to try the YSL BB Cream after seeing it on ReallyRee this week.  Not only does it look gorgeous on it's own, but makes for a gorgeous base for a foundation.  I shall be checking this out myself when it hits counters!

Ysis over on Le Beauty Girl shows off her favourite picks from the YSL spring collection and I love her choices!  That glossy stain and blush needs to be on my face!

I need to get my hands on this pigment from Illamasqua after seeing it on Zoe's blog, The London Lipgloss, this week.  It's totally wearable and therefore justified if I bought it *ahem*.  And don't even get me started on her hair, I love it!

How gorgeous is this make up look from Heather Davern Makeup?  Seriously, this girl has amazing talent and I want her to do my make up some day and best of all?  She's Irish!

Although I'm not a big drinker, I do love a nice cocktail and Fluff and Fripperies' Emma's post put a goo on me for one... Especially that bellini with the fruit caviar?  Fruit = healthy, so you can't go wrong eh?  To The Exchequer immediately!


  1. Fruit is definitely healthy! One of your 5 a day! ;) Heather is super talented, love her work!


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