Wednesday, April 3, 2013

New body washes from Dr Hauschka!

I'm a weirdo usually has two or three shower gels on the go depending on my mood.  I've a fresh, zingy one for sunny mornings, a marine one for non sunny mornings when I need to be woken up and a relaxing one for evening showers.  (Shhh but I organised my bathroom over the weekend and found four... Not these four... So technically I have eight on the go...)

Dr Hauschka gets me.  They're launching four new body washes in May that will help start your day off differently depending on your mood.  Packed full of essential oils, each four of these shower gels lather luxuriously.  Extract of quince seed boosts the skin's ability to absorb and retain moisture and is really gentle on the skin too.

We have lavender and sandalwood which is the most perfect scent for evening time showers.  The lavender relaxes me and calms my brain down and chills me out before bed time.  The rose body wash is elegant and combined with touches of vanilla and sandalwood, it smells creamy and gentle and is the most sophisticated of the four scents.  The lemon and lemongrass body wash is bright, zingy and has warmth to it thanks to the fresh gingerroot essential oil.  This is perfect for those mornings where you need a pep in your step and need help waking up.  Finally we have the almond wash which is my favourite.  It's delicate, smooth, gentle thanks to bergamot, ylang-ylang and rose and the tonka bean and vanilla base adds a touch of sweetness,

These gorgeous body washes are priced from €15.95 - €18.95 and will be available from May in selected health stores, pharmacies, Life Pharmacies, Avoca, Harvey Nichols and McCabes in Clerys.

Which one tickles your pickle?

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