Thursday, May 23, 2013

Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Gloss - Coral Blush, photos and review

As if by magic, we're starting to see a tiny bit more sun these days.  I'm afraid to say anything else in case I jinx it and ruin summer for us completely.  But that yellow ball in the sky does something to me in terms of make up and makes me want to channel my inner J Lo.  I'm talking glowy skin, bronzed cheekbones and glossy lips.  So when on a recent expedition to Boots where I bought these babies and there was a 3 for 2 offer going on, I decided to try one of the Maybelline Color Sensational Cream Glosses.  It was love at first sight and when I saw the name, Coral Blush, the love was intensified.  Even though it's not coral.

Anyway, here's the packaging.  It's sleek and pretty and I can see how much gloss I have left in the tube at all times.

My first thought when I clapped eyes on the gloss was Oooh if Nars Orgasm had a lipgloss it would be this.  Turns out Nars does have an Orgasm lipgloss and isn't as pigmented as this.  And to me, Coral Blush looks so much more like Nars Orgasm blush than the matching lipgloss.  So if you're looking for an affordable close dupe to that, then look no further than Color Blush.

This peachy gloss is packed full of gold shimmer and is going to look even more gorgeous with a tan.  It's really creamy, feels moisturising on the lips and isn't sticky.

Coral Blush has fast become one of my favourite everyday lip products to use.  It's really flattering on my skin tone, looks more beautiful when the sun decides to shine on it and is a shade I can apply without having to use a mirror.  It lasts a couple of hours and the cream base fades away before the shimmer does.

I'm loving my first foray into the Color Sensational Cream Glosses and will definitely be trying more in the future!  I'll update the post once I get confirmation of the price, but it's in the €7-€10 range, ish.  Note to self, keep receipts!

Have you tried any of these yet?  What shade do I need to try next?


  1. This kinda colour is perfection on you K x

  2. I´ve got the same gloss, in 130 Exquisite pink and I love it because it smells like citrus fruit

  3. This I like a lot, especially the fact that it's wallet friendly! Beautiful color!

  4. That's gorgeous, I'm not a fan of glossy lipgloss, love a bit of colour. Fair play to Maybelline, they've a few lovely things out at the minute!


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