Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pit of the week and peak of the week - week 20!

After two busy weeks that seemed to drag on like mad, this week flew by in a jiffy!

The pit of my week relates to the peak of my week and is a common occurance pour moi!  Ok, some of you might know that I have issues with IBS and when I'm nervous, anxious, excited, the pain comes.  On Monday, we uploaded our first YouTube video and I was so nervous, I spent the entire day afraid to look at my phone and with the ultimate bloats.  I was scared that our humour wouldn't come across, that people would think we were gobshites and that it would be a big, fat failure.

The peak of my week is without a doubt, how well the video was received by everyone!  We showed that we don't take ourselves seriously at all and I think people got that.  Hopefully we'll keep making videos as long as people want to watch them!

There are some fantastic Irish YouTubers out there at the moment and we're delighted to be in such great company.  I'm not sure what direction the channel will take, but right now, we're going to concentrate on more demonstrations, show and tell, chatty videos.  Lots of times, I want to write blog posts on things that I feel I could talk about easier, so I've some ideas for future videos and might expand on some previous blog posts.  We'll be doing a little getting to know us video soon where we'll explain that we are sisters, not mother and bloody daughter (a question asked on the BaByliss video - le sigh)!

So thank you to everyone who watched, subscribed and gave the videos a big thumbs up.  Hand on heart, we didn't think that we'd have 65 subscribers or over 900 views on the BaByliss video in the first week!  If you missed when we posted the videos, here they are in all their glory!

How was your week?


  1. Hey missus! I'm so sorry to hear you suffer from IBS. It's SO HARD to have a chronic illness and it can really wear you down when it grinds at you every day. Fair play to you for working and blogging and being all round amazing with it. You just have to keep going even when it's rough eh? But be sure to be kind to yourself too.

    And I never had any doubt that the YouTube vids would be well received! Though there are some horiffic trolls out there, which is why we haven't dipped our toes in the waters yet! I keep telling myself I'll start videos when I lose a bit of weight (I'm prone to moon-face, thank you cortisol! *shakes fist*)... It might never happen if I let my insecurities hold me back! Feck the trolls

    Keep up the awesome vids please hun, love it!

  2. I loved the videos, bloody trolls can ruin so many good people, just remember if you ever do get a nasty comment (which is doubtful, because you're both lovely and talented and hilarious) that it's some lonely person who feels so bad about themselves that they get a kick out of hiding behind a username to slag someone they don't know. You girls are putting yourself out there and that's incredibly brave thing to do. LOVE your videos.

    And IBS is quite literally, a pain in the hoop - a family member has had it for years. I could never make a video, I got so nervous the morning I was going to the zoo that I got the runs. THE ZOO.


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