Friday, May 10, 2013

Roger & Gallet Fleur de Figuier review!

The new fragrance range from Roger & Gallet, Fleur de Figuier doesn't smell like fig rolls.  Phew and aww.  I like fig rolls.  But I like Fleur de Figuier so much more... And ooh it's a good one!  If you're on the market for a new fragrance for summer, then you need to do as I say.

1. Read the rest of this post.
2. Admire how the packaging seems to go with my curtains.
3. Go to your local chemist who stocks Roger & Gallet.
4. Smell Fleur de Figuier.
5. Buy it.
6. Come back to this post and leave a lovely comment saying how much you love it, because you will.

Starting with the brightly coloured packaging of the body lotion and shower gel, combined with the pale rose tinted fragrant water, we know were going to have something punchy and delicate all at the same time and Fleur de Figuier really does pack a punch in the schnozzular department.

When I spray this first, I'm hit with a fruity wave of loveliness and nostalgia and am instantly transported to a beach on an early summer's day.  I'm eating a 99 ice cream and have gotten a flake and the raspberry sauce drizzled over the top because it's my imaginary scenario and in this scenario, the ice cream is calorie free.  Yussss.  There's a distinct hit of grapefruit that wakes me up and every single time I spray it (liberally), I stop and take a little moment to inhale, smile and carry on my merry way.  I really feel that all is well in the world when I wear Fleur de Figuier.

When the citrus notes and sweetness dissipates a bit, it becomes more mellow and I can't smell it on myself so obviously, but everyone else around me can and that's a bonus.  Everyone likes to told that they smell lovely and asked what they're wearing!  The musk, cedar and fig leaves add the perfect woody note that stays around for hours after you've applied it and even longer if you've layered it with the shower cream and body lotion, which is what I do if I'm going to be out and about for the whole day and don't want to carry the fragrance around with me.

As it was instant love at first sniff, I brought Fleur de Figuier with me to work to keep at my desk as I'm there more than I'm home.  Well, it's been a massive hit with the girls at work who regularly come to visit me at my desk, but not for chats anymore.  No, it's to get their next hit of Fleur de Figuier.

There's a whole collection of products in the Fleur de Figuier starting from €6.75.  The shower cream, fragrant water and body lotion all retail at €9.90, €39.50 and €14.75 respectively.  

Now I'm raging I left it at work!  I'll be picking up the travel sized scent for carrying around with me so I can smell gorgeous allllll the time!



  1. I love figues <3
    This must smell divine...

  2. I fell in love with this fragrance last Monday!!! I went to the drugstore while my dog was at the groomer. Even my daughter loved it which says a lot! They where out of the water and only had the tester. :( It's more than likely that in the next few weeks I WILL get my hands on it. It's nice to know it's such a hit. :)

  3. wow, everyone has gone mad for this stuff, I really need to get my hands on some.

  4. I still haven't tried any Roger and Gallet stuff!


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