Tuesday, May 28, 2013

The Body Shop Brazil Nut Collection returns!

Who knew the humble Brazil nut smells absolutely gorgeous?  And why did it disappear?  Luckily for us, the Brazil nut collection from The Body Shop has made a welcome return to Irish shores and the line up has something for everyone's budget.

Containing sustainably harvested Community Fair Trade Brazil nut oil, this helps protect over 3000 hectares of Peruvian rainforests by providing a livelihood for the nut collectors and nut crackers who are part of the Candela co-operative.  Candela works with more than 270 nut gatherers who have rights to hand harvest Brazil nuts from the Madre de Dios region, providing an alternative to logging and illegal goldmining which results in deforestation and pollution.

I was sent some of the goodies to play with and being a newbie to the Brazil nut scent, I hadn't a clue what it would smell like.  Well, let me tell you that it's sweet, nutty, vanilla-y, almost chocolate-y, but has a warmth to it that stops it from being too sickly sweet.  I always thought that the Chocolate range from The Body Shop was too sweet for my schnozz, and didn't get what people loved about it, but I realise that I was waiting for the Brazil nut range.  

You might already know that I'm a huge fan of the Beautifying Oils (€15) from The Body Shop and have converted some of my friends to them too.  This one is no different and can be used to moisturise your body, face, remove make up and work as a hair treatment.  The Body Mist (€13.95) offers a light, sweet, caramel scent and makes me smell like a delicious dessert and yes, I have to keep Bailey away from me as he thinks I'm a tasty treat.  The soap free Shower Cream (€8.95)lathers beautifully, doesn't dry out my skin, and smells nuttily amazing.

Completing the collection is a Cream Scrub (€18.95), a Body Butter (€18.95), Eau de Toilette (€13.95) and a soap (€3.95).

If you're a fan of sweet, nutty scents and want to pamper your skin with some gorgeous products, then definitely check out the Brazil nut range in shops now.


  1. I know what you mean about the chocolate range. Now this I do believe the body lotion shall be mine! If the fragrance is anything like the anti-frizz hair product TBS already has, it must be yummy! :)

  2. Really love your blog guys! Could you please take a moment to check out mine? Thanks :)

  3. TBS stuff is so good, I have yet to try the brazilian one. looks promising though

  4. I LOVE nut-scented stuff, I always get a big gift set of nutty things from Boots at christmas. Definitely want to check some of this out, they look and sound amazing!

  5. Didn't even realise this was gone, ha! I've always stuck with the coconut butter, smells good enough to eat... don't bother trying to eat it though, I tried. AWK



  6. Didn't realise they were gone either... but you just reminded me how much I love these scents!


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