Sunday, May 12, 2013

The pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 18

This week flew by in a flash didn't it?  I know it was a short work week, but the last time we'd a short week after a bank holiday, it was the slowest week in the history of life.

The pit of my week.  My boss is on annual leave for two weeks, so I'm covering for her which means filling in for her and trying to get my own work done.  She stays until 5pm, so my coworker and I have been staying late on alternate days to get everything done and make sure that someone is there to answer the phone at 4.50 when someone will invariably ring with a ridiculous query!  I've been exhausted this week trying to get everything done and this was the easier week of the two, so who knows what state I'll be in next week as it's going to be hectic!  Bed early tonight (after I go see Star Trek of course).

The peak of my week.  My brother turns 30 next week which means that I feel mucho oldo.  I was grand when I turned the big 3-0 but having the baby of the fambly hit this milestone makes me feel like a proper bridie!  But I'll get over it and sure with all the anti-ageing cream I'm using, I'm determined to look young, even if I'm not!  Anyways, yesterday we had a lovely lunch in the Port House in town.  We all absolutely love that place and ordered lots of delicious tapas to feed us up.  Of course, it wouldn't be a Constantine meal without the solitary vegetable dish in a sea of carbs and protein!  They were lovely in there as always and brought him out a slice of cake and the whole restaurant sang Happy Birthday to him, good times!

How was your week?  Do tell as I love to know what's going on with one and all!


  1. The upside to a hectic week is the relief when it's over! That's how I feel this weekend! :) But also I'm turning 24 in a few weeks and panicking because I think I should have my life figured out....#quarterlifecrisis

  2. My week has been so busy! Finished up my jury service and went back to work. Have hardly worked since early April due to exams and then this jury thing so frantically trying to get up to speed. Boyfriend starts exams this week too so exam depression lives on!

    Went to the Morrison cocktail bar on Thursday though which was great fun. Beer in a cocktail!


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