Sunday, May 19, 2013

The pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 19

How gorgeous is it out today folks!  Well, in Dublin anyway, and we know what that means?  Yes, tomorrow will see buses and trains full of sunburned people.  Watch and see!

Anyways, another week over and what a week it was...

The pit of my week is work related again.  It was even busier this week than last week but thankfully my boss is back tomorrow, so I'll only have to contend with my own work again.  I have a massive pile of post its and notes to get through but that's next week's work!  So because of the craziness of work this week, I spent each evening like a zombie and waited to go to bed each night.  However, despite that, I couldn't sleep for two nights and spent hours awake with my mind racing, which didn't help matters the following day!  But it's over now and I'll be playing catch up next week, so that'll keep me busy.

The peak of my week was finally figuring out how to edit our first YouTube video which will be up tomorrow (hopefully)!  My camera recorded it in .mov format which made each clip huge and wouldn't play properly on my ancient laptop.  So I transferred everything over to my iPad which has iMovie on it.  I spent Friday night editing it and after being really happy with it, realised it wouldn't let me save the end product because there wasn't enough space on the iPad.  So annoyingggggg!  So I ended up transferring each clip over and editing them separately before joining them together.  And I'm pretty happy with the results.  I'm nervous putting it up tomorrow but sure it's only a bit of craic and I realised that I loved editing everything.  So if we keep doing videos, then next on my wishlist is a Macbook so I can edit properly and quickly.

How was your week?  Right, time for me to get out in that sun!


  1. Another dull day here in Galway! :( So excited to see your first video though! :)

  2. Bring on that video I say, and please don't enable me to buy that yoke! Here's hoping!

  3. I'm stopping in for a whinge! I'm totally wrecked tired the whole time and morning sickness has just kicked in....7months into pregnancy! what the actual feck?! not long left I s'pose x Glad you're getting back to normal in work this week lady x


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