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Bourjois Cream Blushes - Shades 01 Nude Velvet, 02 Healthy Glow and 03 Rose Tender review, photos

You know that song "I knew I loved you before I met you"?  Well that pretty much sums up my relationship with the Cream Blushes from Bourjois.  I love cream blushes and I love Bourjois, so it was a no brainer really.

Almost 150 years after creating the first baked powder blush, Bourjois have released it's first cream blush.  There are four shades in total.  I was given shade 01 and 03 to play with and two days later, went out and bought shade 02.  I know.  I should really rename this blog "This is why I'm broke".

With cream to powder technology, each of the blushes transforms into a fine, silky powder on contact with the skin.  Your face feels like velvet and looks gorgeous.  And they're good for your skin too thanks to the formula enriched with poppy extracts for comfortable skin, apricot extracts for a healthy glow and mango extracts for a soft touch.

I've been wearing them so much over the past few weeks and because they come in a sleek little pot, they can slot easily into my make up bag, ready for any touch ups I might need to carry out during the day.  They have the famous Bourjois rose scent which disappears once you've blended it in.

I use the contour brush from the Real Techniques Limited Edition set most of the time to apply these guys, or my fingers, depending on how organised I am and if I've cleaned said brush.  They blend easily and give my cheeks the much needed bit of colour when one is trying to appear like one has been out for a walk when one has really just been lounging around looking at photos of Henry Cavill.

Shade 01 Nude Velvet is described as "a light and delicate peach with a matte finish".  This is the perfect shade if you're afraid of a lot of colour on the cheeks.  I absolutely love it and it really is the perfect shade to throw on without having to worry too much about blending as it takes care of itself.

Bourjois Cream Powder Shade 01 Nude Velvet
Shade 02 Healthy Glow is the Ronseal of the pack.  It does what it says on the tin and gives you a healthy glow.  I'm obsessed with apricot peachy blushes and this one has a slight pearly finish that brings a bit of light to the face.  It gives a natural, slightly warm glow to the face and I love it.  If I could, I'd apply it from the pan to my face directly.

Bourjois Cream Powder Shade 02 Healthy Glow
Shade 03 Rose Tender is a rose pink with a slight pearly finish and if you're one who likes a pinched cheek look, then definitely check this shade out.  This is going to be gorgeous in the autumn for me as during the summer, I'm all about peachy corally apricoty cheeks.

Bourjois Cream Powder Shade 03 Rose Tender
At the launch a few weeks ago, I met make up artist Attracta Courtney who was on hand to show us the products from the summer collection in action.  She explained how it's good to layer blushes like these as our skin has different undertones and hues and it looks more natural that way.  Well Attracta, all I can say is thank you thank you thank you.  As mad as it might sound, I've never mixed my blushes before and it just never occurred to me.  

So I decided to mix shade 01 and 02 and this is the result.  This is the most gorgeous cheek colour ever and this is what my face looks like most days unless I'm trying something new!  

Bourjois Cream Powder Shade 01 Nude Velvet mixed with 02 Healthy Glow
I love how my skin looks with these Bourjois Cream Blushes and the fourth shade, Sweet Cherry which is described as "a deep matte brown-pink", will most likely be added to the collection very soon.

The blushes are €10.49 and are available on counters now.  Do yourself a favour and check them out before they're gone.  Love them so much!



  1. I love the look of these blushers and have only heard good things about them. Now I must find a way to justify another blusher in my stash!

    1. I'm sure you'll come up with a justification easily enough ;) Go and swatch them and you'll cave in!

  2. I want them all too. This is a terrible* terrible** blog Karen. You should be ashamed*** of yourself.... making us want ALL of the pretty stuff!

    *not really
    **actually its fabulous
    *** you should be proud this is an awesome blog.

    1. Haha you're a mad yoke Cindy! Thanks for the lovely comment me aul flower :)

  3. I cannot wait til these land in Australia! That blended blush choice is just glowingly gorgeous!

  4. I just ordered number 02 from Boots and I'm soooo excited to try it!:D xx

  5. I'm singing 'She wore nuuuuuude velllvet' to the tune of Blue Velvet. Leaving aside that I currently have about seven blushers sitting in a drawer unused, I need that one. NEED it.

    1. And now I'm singing that since yesterday, damn youuuuuuu ;P You totally need it and what if you waited and then it was gone foreverrrrrr?

  6. Loving these too - thanks for the layering tip K! X

  7. I love these blushers!! Well I only have 02 so far but I want to get them all, they're fab!

  8. I love how these look. Damn each time I look at your blog I'm finding more things I need to buy!!

  9. Hi! I couldn't sneak by without asking, what's the gorgeous lipstick you're wearing in these photos? Can't believe nobody asked this earlier :) It suits you really well.


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