Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Essie summer 2013 swatches and nail art!

Yesterday I showed you some pretty photos of Essie's new summer collection in all it's glory.  I took those photos on Saturday, when it was bright and sunny.  When it came around to Sunday, the day where I was going to get busy with swatches, the skies were grey and the photos just weren't up to scratch.  But thankfully yesterday afternoon was beautiful, so I was able to get a-swatching!

I've already described each shade in yesterday's post, so check it out if the photos aren't enough for you here.
Essie Naughty Nautical
Oh lads, Naughty Nautical is even more gorgeous in person than in the photos.  It's so bright, vivid and as you know, I love all things blue-y green-y, aqua-y in the summer and this is amazing.

Essie Sunday Funday
If you know anything about me, anything at all, it's that I love a coral nail more than anything.  Sunday Funday is tropical, bright and me in nail polish form.

Essie Full Steam Ahead
Give me a sparkly pastel nail polish and I'm a happy camper because flat pastels just signify Easter for me and nothing else.  The fine shimmer in Full Steam Ahead is beautiful and the pink undertones to the polish brings life to this shade.  

Essie Rock The Boat
Oh Rock the Boat, you're just gorgeous.  You look like blue water with the sun dancing on top of it.  This is a delicate, feminine shade that screams garden parties with Pimms and strawberries.  Yum!

Essie The Girls Are Out
The Girls Are Out reminds me of my first ever Essie polish purchase back in New York, Bermuda Shorts, except this one has shimmer in it.  This shade makes me want to sit and have a (big) glass of sangria and fan myself in the heat.  Love it.

Essie The More The Merrier
The More The Merrier is not for the faint hearted and luckily, I've a strong heart when it comes to polishes.  I absolutely love this almost neon, Shrek-esque shade and if you're afraid of wearing anything neon but want to be on trend, then plonk this on your nails!

Now, in yesterday's post, I explained how difficult I found it to a) pick a favourite and b) figure out what colour to paint my nails with.  So here's where I got a teensy bit creative and used a couple of the shades together.  This made it a bit easier and removed some of the guilt I had by leaving some of the shades behind.  

This is also a great way to justify the purchase of more than one polish.  

Dots.  This is about the extent of my nail art abilities so I put Sunday Funday dots over Naughty Nautical.  I love the contrast of these two shades together and took it a step further below and used them to create a bright manicure with an accent nail.

If you're in love with a couple of shades that compliment each other, than do the old alternate nail routine.  It's pretty self explanatory and very pretty!  I used Rock the Boat and Full Steam Ahead in the photo below.

This is where I lost the run of myself and got the striping tape out.  After applying The Girls Are Out and letting it fully dry, I used my striping tape on my ring finger to make a little fanned out shape.  Then I painted a thick coat of The More The Merrier over the top and immediately took the striping tape off to give me this!

Then I took my dotting tool out for the craic and gave my index finger the measles.

I'd a piece of the striping tape left over so stuck it to my middle finger across the top, painted The More The Merrier over it, whipped the tape off and voila!  I know, that's quite the psychedelic manicure below but it was just to show a few techniques and if bright nails are you thing, then go for it! 

The summer collection from Essie is on counters this much and they're €9.99 each.

What's your favourite shade and don't even bother asking me what mine is as I still can't pick one!



  1. Oh my goodness. Naughty Nautical, get on my nails NOW!!

  2. I'm loving The Girls Are Out (on my fingers atm) but I do believe I'll get Sunday Funday as well. I love the nail art you did and may try something myself. :)

  3. the girls are out is delish!!! love the photos aswell, they are gorg!

  4. I just purchased the Naughty Nautical polish and am so in love with it!

  5. i want all the things!! love your nail art :)


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