Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Spotlight on MeMeMe Cosmetics

For a while, MeMeMe Cosmetics disappeared off the radar in Ireland and it had been a while since I tried something from the brand.  When they contacted me to say they were going to be expanding in Ireland and if I'd like to try out some of the products, I jumped at the chance.  I'd only seen a small MeMeMe stand in my local Superdrug, but nowhere else.  So I'm looking forward to seeing it in more places and hopefully it'll get the love it deserves!

So as I said, I was sent some products to play with and I'll update the post with the Irish prices when I get them.  First up, I love the packaging.  From the swirly font to the sturdy glass pots, it gets points from me in that respect.

I was most excited to try the baked eyeshadow quad and Goddess Eyes was made for moi wouldn't you say!  With a shimmery highlight, two medium golden shades and a dark bronze to add drama and definition, this palette is soft, pigmented and I'm definitely going to pick up more of these.  

The Rich Colour Eye Defining Cream in Silk Dust reminded me of the Buxom eyeshadows in terms of packaging and when I swatched this beautiful shade, it was up there beside Buxom's offerings, but is more affordable.  We like affordable.  

The Eye Line eye pencil in Clay is a soft brown liner that will work perfectly with the eyeshadow quad above.  I'm loving neutral eyes at the moment and this liner adds intensity to the look, is creamy, pigmented and can be smudged easily to create a smokey look.

Stay tuned for some eye make up looks with the liner and shadows!

Arch Angel totally intrigued me as I'm all about multifunctional products.  This has a coloured gel definer on one end to comb through your brows, add colour to the hairs and set them in place.  The other end houses a brow highlight that is subtly shimmery, won't make you look like you've big disco balls on your eyes and adds a bit of much needed light to the peepers.  I've learned that less is more when using the brow tint, but don't worry, I'll be showing it to you in more detail soon on the blog.

I think when we all think of MeMeMe, we think of the Benefit-esque cheek highlight, Beat the Blues.  This pearly pink highlight offers a lift to dull skin and gives a radiant glow to the cheeks.  Pale ladies will love this and at a snip of the price of Benefit's High Beam, I can't tell the difference between the two.

I was sent a lipstick and lipgloss that don't work with my skin tone but I've already decided I'll be trying out other shades of both products because texture and finish-wise, they're pigmented, glossy and feel comfy on the lips.  It's just that blue toned pinks make me look like Nikki Minaj on crack.  Check out the little built in light contained in the cap of the gloss and one side of the gloss itself has a mirror, so if you're one that's always on the go and find yourself trying to slap on a bit of makeup in the back of a taxi, then this is worth checking out.

I for one am delighted MeMeMe are expanding and can't wait to try more products from them!  I totally have my beady eyes on their blushes and definitely want to try out some peachy corally lippies.   You know moi and my corals!  

You can find out more about the brand and stockists here on the Irish MeMeMe Cosmetics Facebook page.  I'll definitely be trying out more products in the near future!


  1. I have been looking everywhere for that highlighter! Will check their Facebook page ASAP!

  2. That eyeliner looks great, really smooth result and a wonderful brown colour, think my collection might need this :)


  3. Ooh - I like the packaging to start off with (that's kinda one of my weird things). Plus I like the look of the Eye Defining Cream and Arch Angel...

  4. I want Arch Angel, my earest Superdrug is all but sold out of Me Me Me completely x

  5. oh this is exciting I am liking the look of the dew pot especially :) The lippy looks nice too cant wait to try them out :)

  6. i hope there is a stockist near me, products look great esp the highlighter!!

  7. I have never even heard of this brand at all until a couple of weeks ago! The highlighter & shadows look lovely.

  8. Great to read a positive review about Mememe products. I am based in Mary Street Pharmacy in Mullingar and we are the first in town to have the Mememe range. I love the Goddess Rocks and the Arch Angel. I like to see cosmetic brands going forward with useful new products on the market like the Arch Angel and the 'Light me up' gloss with a light and a mirror and also the compact concealer and powder pot. I loved the range that's why I pushed to stock it in our pharmacy. I hope if anyone is based around the midlands ...you call into us for Mememe make up. Edel

  9. Great to here Mullingar has the brand Edel. I will be popping in!!


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