Sunday, June 16, 2013

The pit of my week and the peak of my week - week 23!

I felt this week dragged so much.  I was exhausted every day but then managed to arse about online in the evenings, scuppering my plans to go to bed early.  I'll never learn.

The pit of my week was saying goodbye to one of the girls at work who's moving down to Tipperary to start a new chapter of her life.  She's been planning this for years, from building the house down there, to getting it ready to live in and finally got her dream job down there too.  Her little boy is due to start school there too in September, so she was really stressed trying to get everything sorted as soon as possible.  We're all absolutely over the moon that it's worked out perfectly for her, but sad to see her go.  Soon there'll be nobody left!

The peak of my week was something completely unexpected!  I came home from work the other day and as I opened the front door, I knew that a coat was on the floor.  See, I have hooks on the wall just inside the door that I keep my coats on and in the past, have come home to this sight....

Wot?.... It was like that when you left dis mornin.....
Bailey's hobby is to keep the house safe from everyone.  Especially next door's dog who legs it over to my front door when he's let out and he and Bailey go mad at it, seeing who can bark more.  Bailey generally wins and in the process, loses the run of himself and grabs whatever is close, to take his aggression out on.  My poor rain jacket was the victim that day.

Anyway, back to the story.  So I went inside and saw my heavy coat was on the floor and there was no sign of Bailey.  Usually he's jumping around the place, delighted I'm home.  I called his name.  No answer and no movement whatsoever.  So I called him about four more times, then a little head pops around the corner at the top of the stairs going "Yes?? I totally didn't hear you".....  He knew he was in trouble and proceeded to walk down the stairs really slowly, head down and if he looked up and made eye contact with me, stopped dead in his tracks, even with one paw in the air.  Was very funny.  

I did the whole "Did you do this?" spiel and then picked the coat up, hearing the jangle of coins.  I pulled out some change and then looked in the pocket to find this!!!

Cha-ching!  I was delighted!  Bailey was forgiven and more importantly, I had popcorn money for the second peak of my week; seeing Man of Steel.  Oh Henry Cavill, you're a grand man and I'll be talking more about him next week.

How was your week folks?  What was the pit and peak of your week?


  1. Cha-ching is right!!

    The peak of my week had to be winning a VIP weekend with hotel, dinner & Taste of Dublin tickets.

    The pit is divided evenly between the atrocious service in ely (I'd always wanted to go) and the shoddy toilet doors in the Camden Court Hotel - while sitting on the loo in the hotel lobby, the lady washing her hands MADE EYE CONTACT WITH ME!! Had I been thinking quick enough I should have winked, instead I just died a little.

  2. The peak of my week was my cameo in your video ;) pit was being so tired and not getting anything done

  3. Bailey is just SO CUTE. You have me looking to see where I can get cockapoo puppies! ADORBS.


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