Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Dr Hauschka Play of Light lipsticks

The new Play of Light collection from Dr Hauschka has captured my heart.  And my lips.  Five new limited edition Lipstick Novums launch mid August and each shade is more lovely than the last.

The Play of Light collection aims to help us "discover our true selves".  I'm not sure how a lipstick can help us with that, but sure I'll give it a shot.  Each shade has mineral pigments that creates a gold and silver shimmer on the lips and before you start thinking that you'll be wearing a Melanie Griffith Working Girl frosty lip circa 1986, let me assure you that the shimmer is so fine and creates super shine more than anything else.

The formula contains argan oil to nourish the lips and I've never tried lip products like this before.  They feel so thick and luxurious on, like I'm wearing a lip treatment and my lips are definitely the better for using them.  Usually when I get a range like this, I've one immediate favourite, maybe two at a push.  Well, the three on the left are all being carried around in my bag as we speak.  They give a natural hit of colour and I've been lashing them on like there's no tomorrow.  The berry shade has my name on it for autumn let me tell you.

Another point to note and this is very pertinent to my good self.  Dr Hauschka's lipsticks are organic, as are the lip glosses and liners and are lead and petroleum free.  This is good because I can pretty much guarantee I've more lip products in my belly than on my face.  I read that we eat 4-7lbs of lipstick over a lifetime!  Holy moses!  So I guess it's good to go organic every now and then eh?!

The Play of Light limited edition will be in shops mid August and are €16.50.  Bootfiful!



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