Monday, July 29, 2013

My sneaky Rituals purchases from Arnotts!

Over the weekend, I went into town with Joanne for a look and decided to bring back the black wedges I bought in New Look a couple of weeks ago.  That meant I'd €30 extra to spend in case I saw anything nice and when we were checking out the Arnotts sale, we passed by the Rituals counter on our way to visit the Rebecca Minkoff bags.

I'm a huge fan of the Rituals room diffusers and currently have these two doing their business in my house.  Spring Garden is my living room scent and smells very grown up and posh altogether, like myself.  Lotus Secret is a more bedroom-y scent, powdery and soft, so I have that in my office at the moment.  If you haven't already, go smell them and fall in love.

Anyway, when we went to smell the diffusers and see if there was anything new, I saw they'd a bunch of candles and as I'm very into my candles at the moment, I got a-smelling.  Then I lost the run of myself and started smelling everything, body products, skincare and even tried out some of the products in the sink at the counter.  I was a woman overtaken by lovely smelly things!

I ended up getting these products and am already thinking of my next purchases.

When I think of the Rituals skincare and body care products, I think of giving myself a good old pampering session at home without breaking the bank.  The fact that the packaging is gorgeous is an added bonus and they're products you want to leave out on display so when your chums come over, they're intrigued.

I picked up the Mei Dao body cream and ho-lee mo-sis it's gorgeous.  It smells light, fresh and clean with a touch of floral to it and it has pamper written all over it.  Except you'll want to use it all the time. I'll report back when I've tried it fully but first impressions are great!  Oh and this was on sale for €10.50 down from €15.00, so bargain.

The Fortune Oil (€8.00) was an instant obsession in terms of scent because it has sweet orange & cedar wood, two of my favourites.  It's a shower oil which sounds a bit weird, but I assure you it's fantastic in that you squirt a couple of pumps on to your shower puff and as you start to wash yourself with it, it turns into a bright and uplifting foam that makes a morning shower even nicer.  The citrus scent has summer written all over it but the woody undertones gives a lovely layer of warmth to the scent.  Love this!

Finally we have the Jasmine Dream candle and yes, I'm a leedle bit obsessed with jasmine.  I've already worked my way through two of the matching room diffusers over the past couple of years and knew I'd love the candle before I even smelled it.  It smells light, relaxing, floral and it "combines the harmonising power of Jasmine blossoms with the calming properties of Ylang Ylang" and it promises 50 hours of burning time.  Oh lads, it's going to hurt me to burn this but I know it'll hurt even more not to let myself enjoy it!  And wait until you see the packaging...

How pretty!  This was on sale at the €12 mark, down from €17 ish.  I kind of want to pick up a couple more to put by for when this one is used up.  I think this would be a pretty lovely gift to give someone for a certain occasion that I'm not going mention but is 5 months away.  And it's on sale, so you can't go wrong.

I'll report back on everything when I've used them properly!  Have you tried anything from Rituals?  What do I need to try next?

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