Monday, July 1, 2013

Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate review

Lord knows I love my sleep but I never get though.  My first thought in the morning is usually "Oh holy moly, I'm going to bed early tonight."  This never happens as I end up working on the blog or messing around online and the circle continues.  I will never learn or change, so I need products that are going to help my skin look less deathly in the morning.

Enter Neal's Yard Remedies Beauty Sleep Concentrate.

Our skin does most of it's recovery during the night, so using a product like the Beauty Sleep Concentrate is the perfect way to pack a punch in terms of skincare while doing nothing and catching up on some much needed zeds.  Promising to help the skin's regeneration during the night while increasing the skin's moisture levels up to a whopping 98% over 12 hours, what does it do for our visages in real life?

Well, Beauty Sleep Concentrate is packed full of essential oils and if you're one for organic skin care, this has 90% organic ingredients.  It's got a light consistency and about three pumps does my visage perfectly.  The smell of it is so relaxing thanks to the Ylang Ylang, Orange, Patchouli, Cypress and Clary Sage oils and I really do have to wait until I'm in my bed before applying it because it relaxes me and my brain at an inhuman rate and I'd probably conk out on the toilet if I applied it too early.

It's rare that I try a skin care product and can immediately see and feel a difference, but this has put everything else I've ever tried to shame in terms of how quickly I felt results.  If I've used this at night, my face feels amazingly soft and plump the next morning.  Yes, it's still hard for me to get out of bed but when I do manage to prise myself out from under the covers, I have life in my skin.  I only need a light moisturiser because my skin feels amazing.

I can't see myself being without this in my skincare routine to be completely honest.  You can use it on it's own or under your night time moisturiser.  I mostly use it on it's own, or if my skin is feeling worse for wear, I apply a bit of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm on my dry bits and conk out, waiting for everything to work it's magic overnight, and it always does.

€41.20 is the damage and it's a keeper in my book.  I am hooked!


  1. this sounds right up my street. Any idea where stocks it?

  2. Hi Rachelle! NYR Organic products are available in Ireland through Independent Consultants, of which, I am one! :) Feel free to visit my online shop: & contact me directly through there with any questions. Kind regards, Jenny

  3. The price, grrr! I'm in a vicious circle of either going to bed too early and then waking for ages at 3am, or staying up until stupid O'clock on the laptop, I've had to ban myself from the interwebs after 10pm! Sounds like a great product, I haven't heard much about this range at all.

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