Sunday, July 21, 2013

Pit and the peak of my week - week 28!

Once again, this week flew by in an instant didn't it?  We're hurtling towards the end of July and before we know it, it'll be a bank holiday weekend!  I took things pretty easy this week on the blog with just the one post a day and I'll probably do the same again this week.  It's my version of having a summer holiday from the blog!

Anyway, on to the pit of my week.  Work.  In all it's forms.  One of the girls is on holidays for two weeks and I'm covering her, so between trying to get her stuff and my stuff done, I've been exhausted all week.  The days flew by and I was glad I'd all my posts scheduled for the week because I basically became a zombie in the evenings.  One more week to go, so fingers crossed this one is a bit calmer!

The peak of my week was yesterday afternoon.  I live right beside St Anne's Park and have been hoping that the weather would hold up for the yearly Rose Festival.  I needn't have worried as it was a glorious afternoon of food, ice cream, listening to music and just enjoying the fantastic atmosphere.  Everyone seemed to have the same idea and had picnics with them and just chilled out.  I totally felt like I was in an episode of the Gilmore Girls!

How was your week folks?  What was the pit and peak of your week?

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