Sunday, July 28, 2013

Pit and peak of my week - week 29!

Oh lads, last week was an absolute blur again, but things are back to normal here at Lovely Girlie Bits thankfully!

The pit of my week was work again.  As you might know, I've been covering for one of the girls who's away on holidays and each day went by so quickly trying to get everything done.  It's very frustrating when some of the higher ups don't realise that things can't be done instantly when we're a staff member short, but we got through the two weeks and all will return to normal tomorrow!  Because I've been so busy, I had no energy whatsoever to do anything in the evenings and on the one night I went to bed extra early, it thundered like a mo-fo and Bailey had me up half the night, but hopefully the thunder will stay away now.  And now I've two weeks of blogs to catch up on!

The peak of my week is a rather vague one this week.  Half the reason why I was so zonked this week was work related, but the other half was being consumed in the brain department with a decision to do something that might not even happen.  I took ages to finally start my blog as I was scared to put myself out there.   It was the same with YouTube and both have been brilliant in the rewards department.  I've had so many fantastic opportunities with the blog and we became StyleHaul partners on YouTube this week which is so exciting!  This new thing, however, if it happens, is very scary and I've looked for advice from everyone who'll listen to me!  I've never been so conflicted when it came to making a decision but I finally decided to give it a go.  No regrets eh?  It might bite me on the bum and it might not even happen.  It might change my life for the better or it mightn't change it at all, but I'm proud that I decided to be brave and see what happens.  Even typing this out now is making me all nervous again!

How was your week folks?


  1. Ah here now... you and Sue are the reason I started blogging, so I am sure this new thing is gonna be Awesome!

  2. Well... It looks like our Irish Summer is going to end shortly. :( So I was trying to spend as much time as possible outside... :D :D :D



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