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Rachel from Nails By Numbers guest post - cute cupcake nail art!

Today's guest post is from a fantastic nail blogger Rachel who blogs over at Nails By Numbers.  I'd been following Rachel for ages on Twitter before finally meeting up with her at an event recently where she had the dinkiest nail art done!  Of course, I had to ask her to do a guest post here on le blog so you can all see her amazing talent and with her help and inspiration, maybe I'll graduate to doing more than dots on my nails!

Take it away Rachel!

Hi folks, I was delighted to be asked to do a guest post on Lovely Girlie Bits by Karen. LGB is one of my favourite blogs and I'm in awe of what these two lovely ladies do!

I thought I'd show you some of my nail art. It's easier than you think, I am absolutely terrible at hand eye co-ordination so if I can do this, anyone can!

I start off by filing my nails - I like quite a square shape. Then I give each finger a layer of my current base coat - CND's Stickey.

I thought I'd go for a cupcake design on three of my nails. The wonderful thing about nail art is what the finished product looks like and not the intermediate steps. It's also not important what colours you use, I just picked up whatever I had. Since it's summer, I went for my brights and pastels to give it a nice pop!

The only tools you need for this is a couple of polishes and a dotting tool. What is a dotting tool and will this bankrupt me I hear you ask?! No! I got my set on Ebay, costing €1.18 for the set of five, including free delivery. Absolute bargain! A dotting tool is a must for nail art, from straight lines to dots, to more intricate things, it's the only thing you'll need.

I decided to have a 'cupcake liner' at the tips and then a background for the cupcake near the cuticle. I just put a line of each on my nail and hoped for the best! The pink is OPI's Pink Friday, the tan is Nails Inc Basil St, the white is OPI Alpine Snow and the peach is Barry M Peach Melba. I also put a layer of glitter (OPI's Crown Me Already) on my baby finger and an all over colour (also OPI's Pink Friday) on my thumb.

Next you want to put ridges on the 'cupcake liner' area. I used the dotting tool for this, drawing little lines up to around the middle of the nail. Important to let the nails dry before using the dotting tool too!

The red is a Nails Inc I got free in Boots and the pink is Essie Punchy Pink.

Afterwards, I drew on the cupcakes, trying to overlap the area where the colours join to hide the mess! The white is the OPI again and the brown is Essie's Merino Cool. Then I used the dotting tool to add some hearts and 'sprinkles' using some pastels and the same reds and pinks as before.

On my other nails, I did one extra coat of the original polishes. My hand just wasn't sparkley enough so I topped the pink with China Glaze's Fairy Dust. If nail art isn't your thing, glitter toppers and accent nails are a great way to bring a bit of life to your mani. What you see on my thumb is the kind of look I would do most days, it's still really work appropriate!

One of my little tricks is to use a brush similar to an eyeliner brush, dipped in acetone, to get the polish off the cuticles. I don't have the steadiest hand so it's a great way to clean up the edges and makes it look a lot more professional.

I will admit, I did use a lot of polish, but I did do two separate versions of the cupcake. You could definitely do this look with a lot less. Any colours will work too, just have a look at what you have and work from there!

One thing you definitely have to be careful of when doing nail art is you can end up with a lot of layers that can get quite gloopy. Make sure to use a quick dry topcoat and give yourself lots of time! I like Seche Vite. 

Hope you enjoyed my step by step nail art, would love to know what types are your favourite...?


How cute are those nails!!!  And we like cupcakes that are calorie free eh?!  Please check out Rachel's blog and enjoy her wonderful naily arty posts!

Thanks Rachel!


  1. This is so cute, can't believe how many polishes are involved!

  2. These look fab Rachel! Really amazing. Makes me really want a cupcake too:) x

  3. Thanks for your comments guys! <3

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