Monday, August 12, 2013

Cargo Cosmetics Beach Blush in Echo Beach review, photos, swatches

I'm not much of a beach person.  I think it's because when I was about 12, we went to Spain on holidays and spent a day at the beach for the first time ever over there.  Usually we'd stick to the pool, but no, we went to the beach and all got sunstroke.  We had to stay indoors the next day shivering and covered in blankets, waiting for the pain to stop.  Good times.

Now I don't have to step foot near a beach to get that summer glow thanks to this stunner from Cargo.  Now available in Debenhams, Cargo Cosmetics has five shades of their Beach Blush and I was sent Echo Beach to play with recently.

Housed in a very spiffy silver tin, Echo Beach has four shades side by side, each looking quite unassuming on first inspection.  It has the benefits of both a blush and bronzer and that makes me happy as I'm all for multifunctional products and things that will help lighten the load that I carry around on a daily basis.

As unassuming as they look in the pan, check out the pigmentation in the swatchfest.  Each shade has slight shimmer and warmth to help give that golden glow that we're all trying desperately to hold on to before autumn really takes hold!

Now, a little goes a long way with this beauty so be gentle with your brush!  This is the only time I'll tell you that less is more!  I swirl my blush brush ever so lightly in the pan, picking up a bit of each colour and then lightly dust the aul cheeks with it.  If you do end up with too much on your face, use your foundation brush to blend it out a bit.

You can see in the photo below that Echo Beach gives a bit of lift to my cheeks thanks to the bronze shades and a hint of pink on the cheeks too.  You can use the shades alone on your eyes, or dust the four colours all over the face for a hint of colour.  It gives a gorgeous healthy glow when used on my cheeks and I'm obsessed.  It's at a very reasonable €22.00 and it'll last you ages because it's so pigmented.

Now I want to try the Coral Beach one, you know me and my corals!  Check them out on the Debenhams website and please let me know in the comments below if you've tried any of the Beach blushes before!


  1. Uggggggh, this is beautiful! Nicest blush I've seen forever. Looks gorgeous on you too.

    1. Thanks lady and I see there's a coral one. We know how we like our corals...


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