Thursday, August 22, 2013

Clarins Be Long mascara review, before and after shots

On Monday I showed you the gorgeous eyeshadow palette from the Clarins Graphic Expression collection for autumn 2013.  In those photos, I was wearing the newly repackaged Be Long mascara and I'm back to give you my thoughts on it!

Housed in brushed gold packaging, the Be Long mascara promises to lengthen and curl your lashes.  With peptides to help stimulate lash growth day after day and panthenol which helps strengthen your lashes, this is essentially a treatment as well as a mascara.

The plastic wand has a slight bend to it, allowing for easy application, but to be honest, the bend in the wand is so slight that I thought I'd gotten a wonky wand and had to read the release to see no, it's supposed to be like that.

You know I'm very hard on mascaras because I've tried so many in the past.  I know a great mascara when I see one and this one is just ok.  It gives reasonable length, curl and volume but nothing mindblowing and I need va-va-voom lashes, even for work!  The wand doesn't comb through my lashes enough to separate them properly but does reach all of the little teeny weeny lashes on the inner and outer corners.
If you're someone who likes a more natural finish to the lashes, then you'll be happy with this and you'll see in the photos that it gives whispy, feathery ones.  I just want more when it comes to mascaras, more, I tell you!

It'll set you back $26.00, but my advice would be to hold off on the mascara and put your cashola towards the eyeshadow palette! 


  1. Im such a mascara hoarder. Definitely need this! :)

  2. Have you ever thought of doing a post with side by side pics of your eyes in every mascara you've worn? To see if there really is a different between formulas.


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