Tuesday, August 20, 2013

imPress nail design kit review!

Back in my college days, many years ago, my friend Kim and I decided to try stick on nails as we were heading out and wanted a little extra somethin' somethin' added to our outfits.  Glue was involved and yes, I ended up gluing my finger to her nail and much panic ensued.  Since then, any time I see stick on nails, I'm brought back to that fateful night.

So when this press on nail set from imPress arrived last week, I had a bout of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, but was still intrigued and very taken in by what was inside the box.

Nails I could design myself?  Yes sir.  I used to watch Blue Peter.  I know how to do crafty things.  And we have animal print stickers, neon pink stickers and gold chain effect stickers?  It was like my inner tacky goddess was being spoken to!  I read the instructions and breathed a sigh of relief when I realised that there was no glue involved.  You get two sets of black press on nails and then a bunch of pre cut stickers that you can go wild with and create nail art to be proud of!

The most adventurous nail art I can do is dots as we know, so I was able to let my inner Martha Stewart emerge and layer, file and cut the stickers, making my designs.  Once you've chosen the ten nails that fit your fingers, you can do your designs and then stick them on to your nails.

Just call me Snookie why don't you!  Oh lads, I don't know if it's the black nails, the gold trim, the zebra print or the neon pink that makes me so happy.  I feel like I'm back in the 80s! 

I don't like the feeling of long nails, so if I was wearing these on a night out, I'd have to file them down a bit.  But in terms of colour and design, I did a grand job, but for the next set I make, I'm going to go wild, wild I tell you!  For a fun DIY press on manicure, then go find this limited edition set that is €7.99 in Penneys.  These last up to a week so would be great for a girl's night out!

I'm imPressed! (Insert groan here) You didn't think I was going to let that one go did you?


  1. The designs are deadly! I hate stick-on nails but I'd definitely use the embellishments on my own nails, love the zebra print with the pink!

    1. They felt odd on but my God I love a bit of bling on the nails!


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