Thursday, August 8, 2013

Origins Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 Skin Complexion Corrector review

It seems that every brand in the world has released a BB cream and with the launch of CC creams, it seems that we're all a bit jaded by the whole thing.  But when I heard my beloved Origins had brought out a CC cream, all jadedness went out the window and I sat up and listened because proper science and technology is involved in this and you know how I like my scientific experiments.

Smarty Plants CC SPF 20 Skin complexion corrector works in three ways on your face and when I attempt to explain how it works, you may well think I'm talking about a robot in skincare form.

It works to protect your skin from the damaging effects of the environment, so if you're someone who works in a city, it might just be what your face needs.  When encapsulated key ingredients come in contact with things like pollution and ozone, they release antioxidants to block free radicals and protect your skin from pollution.  Then algae are released and long story short, they combine with free radicals to release water and hydrate your skin.  Sounds mad and yes, sometimes I like to sit really still to see if I can feel any of this working away on my skin.  Wild altogether.  Turning bad things on your skin into good things.

It works to perfect your skin's texture and that's down to the time-release encapsulated salicylic acid and chestnut extract.  I like the idea of time released things and the encapsulated ingredients dissolve slowly so as not to irritate your skin.

Finally, it works to correct your skin tone by means of mineral pigments which adjusts to every skin tone.

Want to see it in action?

First of all, the familiar scent of orange blossom is gorgeous and reminds me of the White Tea Skin Guardian from back in the day.  It's a grand scent to start the day off with.  You can see in the photos that it definitely tones down the red schnozz on me and evens out my skin tone beautifully.  There's an ever so slight pearlescent sheen to it that gives a subtle glow and radiance that I rather enjoy so I do.

I've been wearing it every day for the past few weeks under foundation as I'm not brave enough to go to work with such light coverage.  And yet I can put my face up on the interwebs where more than the 10 people I work with can see me.  Hmm.

If you're looking for something that basically has a party on your face all day and has SPF 20, then head to your local Origins counter to test out the two shades.  You can see how fair my skin is and that's the Light/Medium shade working it's magic.  It'll set you back €32.50 but if you're looking at something backed by science and technology, then this is most definitely worth a look.


  1. I think your skin looks great just with alone Karen! xo

    1. Ah thanks E, I think I'd be way too scared to go around nekked in the foundation department!

  2. Looks great, I hate that there is no Origins counter near me. Sometimes you just want to see everything instead of ordering something online.

    1. I hear you, it's nice to be able to get stuck in and play with the products first hand isn't it?

  3. That's quite impressive - I love your before and after shots. Wouldn't have thought of going to Origins for makeup!

    Sara at Belfast Beauty Love

    1. Thanks Sara! Deffo check them out for makeup, their Plantscription foundation is amaze


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