Monday, August 5, 2013

Our top 10 flat boots - all of which we want to buy now!

Joanne and I are of a certain age now where we can't don't wear high heels very often.  We're clumsy, both suffer with problems with our feet and with the exception of wedges, don't wear painful shoes or boots anymore.  We'd be lost without wedges.  But for everyday wear, you can't go wrong with a good pair of boots.  You can wear them with skinnies, leggings, jeans, dresses, so versatility is one the key points here when justifying boot purchases evidently.

Last year in New York, we both bought a couple of pairs of casual flat boots and have worn them to death since then.  So this year, we want to add more to our collection and have been perusing the interwebs to see what's out at the moment.  And there are some beauts out there!

We've put together a little collage of some of our favourites and I can't wait to head into town and try some of them on!


Top row L-R: 
ASOS Steve Madden Outtlaww Stud Biker Boot €145 || New Look Tan Leather Zip Up Boot €69 || Debenhams Success tan boot €89 || ASOS Absence Leather Biker Boot €63
Middle Row L-R:
FitFlop Womens Crush Boot Leather €190 || Dorothy Perkins Tan buckle biker boots €45
Bottom Row L-R:
Debenhams Tan studded boots €73 || New Look Light Brown Stud Double Buckle Biker Boots €34 || AWear London Rebel Tan Slouch Boot €52 || AWear London Rebel Black Studded Ankle Boot €46

We want to be able to walk around town on a Saturday pain free, able to look in all the shops.  We want to be able to walk at a normal speed, not worried that we're going to go flying or twist our ankles. We want flat boots and we want them now!

See any that take your fancy?


  1. I'm loving the studded ones, I bought a pair in the summer sales last year in New Look & haven't worn them yet, they'll be right on trend! Penneys are doing some great studded boots as well for around the €25 mark.

    1. I saw some gorge ones in the windows of Penneys, must go in and try on!

  2. Gorgeous round up of boots there - I have to agree with Carol, Penneys are doing some fab boots at the moment. I bought a pair not very unlike the DP boots up there for 15 quids - and they quite comfortably saw me through the Blur gig on Thursday night! So much so I went back for a second pair on Friday!

  3. Love those boot choices. Ive already started looking for some for this year! I really need to replace my knee high boots they are in proper bits at this stage. So much hassle though as I have a wide calf but my foot is fairly normal sized!

    1. Joanne and I both have calf issues, it's a pain in the bum trying to find nice knee high boots!

    2. There seems to be more shops catering to wider calves this year though. New look are doing a wider calf range, M and S are doing some too, possibly even next. My last pair were from Evans. And one year (must have been a skinnier phase) I managed to get into a pair of m and s boots. Some of them look really cheap though so I shall have to keep my eyes peeled for some decent ones, and keep in mind that my last pair have seen three winters and are well worth their money.

  4. You got me longing for those boots now :P I love the tanned ones from Debenhams (first row) and Dorothy Perkins (second row), but the last black ones from AWear are cute too !! I could totally see me walking with these boots all autumn and winter (providing that they are in tough leather, I am not very caring with my shoes...woops!)
    I HAVE TO find a pair of "walking boots" here in France now ! It's good to know that New Look will be making wider calf boots, as I have this issue too ;)

  5. ohhh I love those boots.. I must have :) Looks like there will be a lot of awesome Fall clothing this year. I guess I should start saving now.


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